Ministry Of Agriculture Law N? 13.246 - Scopes - Registration - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: MINISTERIO DE AGRICULTURA LEY N? 13.246 - ALCANCES - REGISTRO - Texto completo de la norma

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Bs. As., 12/4/49.

VISTO the present Expedient number 35.374/49; in which the Commission designated by Ministerial Resolution No. 2.871/48 elevates a draft Rule of the Procedure for the Formation of the Fields of Candidates for the Integration of the Regional Chambers and the Central Chamber, representing the owners, tenants and apparitions, and


That by Decree No. 35.667, of 17 November 1948, the agrarian entities were required, the sending of the documentation and data necessary for the preparation of the Registers to allow the timely integration of these terrestrials;

That under Decree No. 2.700 of 3 February 1949, a Central Chamber and nine Regional Chambers were established in the Ministry of Agriculture, to which integration should take place before 1 June 1949;

It is necessary to regulate for this purpose the different stages of the procedure for the formation of landlords of representatives of owners and tenants and apparitions, referred to in article 46 of Law No. 13.246;

That through the electoral act that this procedure organizes and with the allocation of votes within the established minimum limits, the gravitation of the most representative numerically agrarian entities will be materialized;

Therefore, and the proposal of the Minister Secretary of State in the Department of Agriculture,

The President of the Argentine Nation, Decreta:

Article 1 . For the purposes of Article 46 of Law No. 13.246, rural societies or associations, rural cooperatives, and other corporations whose purpose is to promote, protect and defend the general interests of agricultural products and/or the specifics of the owners, tenants and apparitions, will be considered agrarian entities.


Art. 2° Las The entities referred to in the previous article must apply for registration before 30 April 1949, as appropriate, in the following Registers to be carried by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation (Address and Rural Parkings Directorate):

(a) Registration for the formation of panels of members of the Central Chamber;

(b) Registration for the formation of terrestrials of each of the Regional Chambers.

If the formation of such entities occurs after the date indicated, the registration shall take place within 90 days of its constitution.

Art. 3rd La The application for registration must be accompanied by:

(a) A copy of the statutes and of the last memory and balance approved;

(b) Data relating to legal status and, in the case of cooperatives, their registration in the respective registry;

(c) Nomin of the members of the Steering Committee;

(d) Nomin of active partners, whose premises are located in the jurisdiction of the corresponding Regional Chamber, with the indication of:

1/ Name and address;

2°) Land activity to which they are engaged;

3°) Location of the or of the preds that lease or where they perform the exploitation;

4°) If they act primarily co-owners-renderers, tenants, or parkers.

The data required in this article shall have the character of affidavit and be updated during the first bimonthly of each year.

Art. 4° . They may register in the register provided for in article 2 (a), agrarian entities, their federations or confederations, provided that:

(a) Do not have statutory limitations on their activities to a particular region of the national territory;

(b) Group or represent at least five hundred active partners.

If the registration is requested by federations or confederations of agrarian entities, the data required in Article 3 (d) may be referred to those provided by them for their respective registrations.

Art. 5° s They may register in the registers provided for in Article 2 (b), the agrarian entities, excluding their federations and confederations, provided that:

(a) Group at least fifty active members and have their headquarters or those of sectionals, with independent authorities, within the jurisdiction of the respective Regional Chamber;

(b) At the very least, have active partners whose preds are located in the jurisdictional territory of the respective Regional Chamber, although the headquarters of the entity is outside it.

Art. 6° . Entities will be directly responsible for any falsehood contained in the data they provide and the challenges they make to the paddlers, being able to be passive, prior summary, according to the severity of the lack until the cancellation of the registration in the records referred to in Article 2°.


Art. 7° 7 The Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation (Direction of Leasing and Rural Parking), before 90 days of the date of renewal of the representatives, will prepare the corresponding registers for the Regional Chambers and the Centra Chamber, with determination of the registered entities and the number of votes to be assigned to each, for the election of candidates to integrate the land.

Art. 8° Cada Each entity shall appear in the landlords, tenants and apparitions, with the number of votes resulting from the computation of the data requested in Article 3 (d).

If the statutes of the entity contain special rules that circumscribe their action primarily to the defence or protection of the interests of certain quality of persons (owners-owners, tenants and apparitions) they shall only be in the list with the corresponding votes.

When the active partners of the entity simultaneously review the quality of owners-arrenders, and tenants or apparitions, they can only appear, for the purposes of the computation of the votes, in the pattern corresponding to their primordial activity. If it is not possible to determine it by the entities, they will appear in the pattern that they or in their absence choose, being excluded from the other pattern.

Art. 9° . Prepared the pads will be displayed in the premises of the Regional Chambers and the Central Chamber and distributed among the entities registered so that within 30 days the contests can be made.

Art. 10. . Formulated the challenge, it will be briefly investigated and resolved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation (Dirección de Arrendamientos y Aparcerías Rurales), within 30 days of the date of the closing period of the challenge.


Art. 11. . Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation (Dirección de Arrendamientos y Aparcerías Rurales), the entities will be called to carry out the electoral event, which will take place in the cities seat of the respective chambers, to the officials designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, on the date set within 15 days of the approval of the register.

Art. 12. . Each entity shall send a delegate to the electoral act which shall issue in writing and under its signature, the votes corresponding to it according to the approved pattern, by each of the candidates that according to the call should be chosen to integrate the ballots.

Art. 13. . In effect of the election, the scrutiny and formation of the ternas will be carried out with those who gather absolute majority of votes on those cast in the act.

If the required majority is not obtained for each member of the terrestrials, at the same time, a new ballot shall be made, which shall be confined to the two names that have obtained the greatest number, of suffrages, resulting in an elective majority.

Art. 14. La The choice will be made in one and only act, concluded which the respective records will be broken.


Art. 15. . For the purposes of the integration, for the first time, of the Chambers, which shall enter into operation on June 1, 1949, the requirements of Articles 2 and 3 shall be deemed to be fulfilled by the entities that have been submitted in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 35.667, of November 17, 1948, upon ratification of the data sent or extension of those missing, as a sworn declaration, before April 30, 1949.

Art. 16. . The padrones will be made on May 5, 1949 and will be exhibited, for this time, in Buenos Aires, in the Directorate of Leanings and Farmings; in the Regional Delegations based in Rosario, Resistencia and Mendoza; in the Regional Agronomy of Tucumán, Paraná, Villa María and Bahía Blanca, and in the Inspection of the Directorate of Agricultural estimates Laquen

Art. 17. . Contact, post, give to the Directorate General of the National Register and return to the Ministry of Agriculture.


Carlos A. Emery