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Amnistia Military Service - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: AMNISTIA SERVICIO MILITAR - Texto completo de la norma

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Amnesty Infractors of the Law on Military Service and Deserters of Army, Navy and Aeronautics

LEY 14.349


September 28-1954

Promulgated: October: 28-1954

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, meeting in Congress, sanction with force


ARTICLE 1 - Amnesty citizens who are offenders of the law of military service, exonerating them from the penalties and penalties in which they have incurred.

ARTICLE 2° - Offenders to the military service belonging to the 1931 and previous classes, will pass directly to the reservation of the class that due to their age corresponds.

Those who belong to the 1932 and 1933 classes shall only fulfill the time of service which they have been granted by lot.

ARTICLE 3° - Amnesty the deserters of the Army, the Navy and the Aeronautics belonging to the 1931 and previous classes, provided that within the end of one year of the promulgation of this law they regulate their situation by presenting themselves to the Military Districts in the country, or to the Argentine consulates abroad, which will be passed directly to the reservation with their respective class.

ARTICLE 4° - Amnesty the soldiers who are volunteered or hired by the Army, the Navy and the Aeronautics of the classes after 1931, to whom the contract will be terminated and will be discharged, paying them to the reserve as instructed soldiers, provided that they have provided - or integrated - the minimum time of two years of service, and present themselves to regularize their situation in the previous period and form.

ARTICLE 5° - In the case of articles 2°, 3°, and 4° will be computed as a time of military service, the time served as a penalty, in preventive pressure or detention.

ARTICLE 6 - Suspense for the end of one year any judicial or military procedure against the offenders amnestied by this law.

ARTICLE 7° - The military districts shall inform judges and prosecutors who understand the proceedings instituted by the offences referred to in this Act, the regularization of the situation of offenders.

Defectors detained by the police or judicial authorities shall be immediately handed over to the military units or units of destination, for the purpose of granting the benefits set out in articles 3 and 4°.

ARTICLE 8° - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship will take the necessary measures to allow consulates abroad to make this law known to Argentine citizens.

ARTICLE 9° - Contact the Executive.

Given in the meeting room of the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires, 28 September 1954.


Alberto H. Reales Rafael V. González

- Registered under N 14.349 -

Buenos Aires, 28 October 1954

TANTO: Please fill in the National Law, fill in, report, publish, give to the General Directorate of the National Register and archvese.

PERON. - Franklin Lucero. - Juan I. San Martín.