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Art Of Healing Kinesiologia - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ARTE DE CURAR KINESIOLOGIA - Texto completo de la norma

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Sanctioned: September 20/1950

Promulgated: September 26/1950

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, assembled in Congress, are strongly sanctioned by LEY:

ARTICLE 1 . The exercise of the Kinesiology in the Federal Capital and National Territories is subject to the requirements of this law and the regulation that the Executive Power dictates accordingly.

ARTICLE 2 : They can only exercise Kinesiology:

(a) Persons with a degree granted by a national university;

(b) Persons who have a degree granted by a foreign university and who have revalued at a national university;

(c) Persons who have a degree from a foreign university and who under existing international treaties may or have been authorized by national universities,

(d) Native Argentines, graduated from foreign universities, who have met the requirements required by national universities to validate their degrees;

(e) Persons who have a degree granted by a foreign university and who have been recruited by the executive branch or by national universities only during the duration of the contract and only to act on the subject matter.

Article 3 de Corresponds to the exercise of kinesiology: kinesitherapy, kinephylaxis and physiotherapy especially authorized by this article:

(a) The kinesitherapy includes massage, vibration, percussion, mobilization, re-education, medical gymnastics, exercise, with or without appliances, and any other type of methodological movement that has a therapeutic or professional or social rehabilitation purpose;

(b) Kinefilaxia includes massage and hygienic and aesthetic gymnastics, games, sports, athletics, sports trainings, dysfunctional kinésic exams and any methodological movement, with or without hygienic purpose devices;

(c) Physiotherapy includes thermotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, infrared and ultraviolet rays, shortwaves and diathermia, iontoforesis, use of pharyadic galvanic currents, sound waves and infrasounds.

ARTICLE 4 Los The kinesiologists, without prejudice to the functions agreed upon by other legal provisions, are entitled to:

(a) To conduct and inspect kinesiological institutes dedicated to therapeutics;

(b) Exert the direction and inspection of kinesiological institutes dedicated to hygiene and aesthetics, and physical-deportive waste.

ARTICLE 5o . It is an indispensable requirement to exercise the profession of kinesiologist, the registration of the title in the Ministry of Public Health of the Nation, which will grant the respective professional registration.

ARTICLE 6 Los The kinesiologists in the exercise of the profession are obliged to:

(a) Keeping professional secrecy;

(b) Request immediate collaboration of the doctor, when any complication that compromises the patient's health condition or the evolution of his or her disease arises or threatens;

(c) Limit to mention in advertisements in newspapers or magazines, circulars or any other means of advertising, name and profession without abbreviations, current technical posts, domicile, telephone number and hours and days of attention.

ARTICLE 7 : The kinesiologists are forbidden:

(a) Announce or promise healing of any disease;

(b) Announce therapeutic agents or procedures for infallible effects and apply in private practice procedures other than official education provided at the universities of the country or not authorized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Nation;

(c) To publish by any means false therapeutic successes, statistics, inaccurate data or any other deception and acts of gratitude of patients;

(d) To exercise the profession while suffering from infectious diseases.

The executive branch shall designate a professional council, with the agreement of the recognized union entity, which shall be responsible for all matters relating to deontological problems.

ARTICLE 8 . The kinesiologists must request the Ministry of Public Health of the Nation to empower the premises or establishments where they will exercise their profession. They shall also communicate any change of domicile for the purposes of the new qualification.

Article 9 . Offences to the provisions of this law and to which they are consequently pronounced shall be punished with a fine of fifty to one thousand pesos national currency, closure of the premises or establishment, suspension and disqualification of one month to three years, according to the severity of the fault, which in no case shall be suspended.

ARTICLE 10. . Sanctions shall be imposed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Nation, and may be appealed to its resolutions within the five-day period, to the Federal Capital Correctional Court and to the respective court in the National Territories.

ARTICLE 11. . People who exercise kinesiology without a university degree at the time of the promulgation of this law may apply to the Ministry of Public Health by requesting their professional qualification in accordance with the Regulations to be issued by the Executive Branch and within six months of the promulgation of this regulation.

ARTICLE 12. . Contact the executive branch.

Given in the Hall of Sessions of the Argentine Congress, 20 September of the Year of the Liberator General San Martín, a thousand nine hundred and fifty.


Alberto H. Reales

Leónidas Zavalla Carbó

Registered under number 13.970 el

Year of the Liberator General San Martín