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Law 13.254


BUENOS AIRES, September 15, 1948

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation,
in Congress, etc.

ARTICLE 1. - The Executive Power through the Ministry of Agriculture will organize and stimulate the task of agricultural research and experimentation to ensure its efficient development and promote, on the basis of them, solid and prosperous agriculture and rural life, in the broadest sense of the word.

ARTICLE 2. - For the purposes expressed in the previous article, the Executive Power shall take the necessary measures to ensure that such a function can be carried out without difficulty and with the widest possible depth and depth, without it being devoid orienting it to other functions other than scientific research and experimentation and the dissemination of its results. To this end, it will take into account: (a) The development of fundamental national agricultural research centres in each of the country's typical natural regions (patagonica, Andean, Pampeana, etc.). Each of these centers will have, within its region, the same functions as the Ministry of Agriculture will set up the National Center for Agricultural Research referred to in Article 3 of this Law (b) The creation of bodies indispensable to the fulfilment of these essential purposes to the safety and well-being of our people, with the necessary administrative autonomy to ensure the development of permanent plans and the possibility of incorporating scientific personnel with vocation, whether national or foreign, ensuring a career in each specialty, with reasonable moral and material compensations (c) Establish the coordination of these activities in accordance with all similar or equal research centres under the Ministry of Agriculture, universities, provincial governments, and individuals, within and outside the country, for universal agricultural scientific cooperation (d) Appropriate financing for the functioning and maintenance of the fundamental agricultural and implementation research will be provided by the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the purposes of this Law, ensuring the necessary resources for its development.

ARTICLE 3. - The executive branch shall carry out the construction of works and their operational qualifications, under the Ministry of Agriculture: (a) A National Center for Agricultural Research on the land acquired for the Central Experimental Station by decree 17.882 of 12 July 1944, in the party of Morón, province of Buenos Aires (b) An agricultural experimental station for each province and territory with regional substations and laboratories that it technically considers necessary to establish the Ministry of Agriculture (c) A zootechnical experimental station, or substation, or regional laboratory in each of those provinces and territories that, due to their natural characteristics, require it technically, in the opinion of the Ministry of Agriculture. On this basis, key agricultural research and regional implementation will be organized.

ARTICLE 4. The works will be carried out through the Ministry of Public Works of the Nation.

ARTICLE 5. - In order to facilitate the development of the work plan in accordance with the technical and functional requirements of the National Centre for Agricultural Research and of the stations, substations and laboratories referred to in article 3, an advisory commission consisting of officials representing the ministries of Public Works and Agriculture will be constituted.

ARTICLE 6. - The plan of works shall include the construction and empowerment of buildings, the acquisition of equipment and facilities, and all necessary elements for the proper functioning of the establishments covered by this Law.

ARTICLE 7. - In order to comply with the plan of works referred to in articles 3 and 6, which should be carried out or initiated during the years 1947 to 1951, the following amounts are discontinued: (a) For the National Center for Agricultural Research, forty million pesos national currency ($40,000.000 national currency) (b) For regional experimental stations, forty-six million pesos national currency ($460,000 national currency) (c) For experimental zootechnics, substations and laboratories, twenty-two million pesos national currency ($ 22,000 000 national currency). The above-mentioned amounts shall be charged with the costs required by the buildings and their empowerment and any other unrestricted expenditure incurred for the normal functioning of the establishments in accordance with their purposes.

ARTICLE 8. - The administrative costs that demand compliance with this Law shall also be met with the provisions set out in Article 9 within the maximum amount of 4% during the first two years and 2% in the remaining years.

ARTICLE 9. - The total amounts set out in Article 7 shall be charged to the Five-Year Plan Law of government for the years 1947-1951 and in the meantime they will take general incomes with charge to this law, distributed as follows: a) For the National Center for Agricultural Research year 1947, $ 30,000 year 1948, $10,000 year 1949, pesos 15,000 year 1950, $8,000.000 year 1951, $ 4,000.000 b) For agricultural experimental stations year 1947, $ 6,000 000, for three stations with their substations and regional laboratories year 1948, $ 10,000.000, for five stations with their substations and regional laboratories year 1949, $ 14,000.000, for seven stations with their substations and regional laboratories year 1950, $12,000.000, for six seasons with their regional substations and laboratories year 1941, pesos 4,000.000 For zootechnic experimental stations and substations dependent on the same and regional laboratories: year 1947, $4,500,000, for three stations and substations and two regional laboratories year 1948, $5,700,000, for five stations and substations and a regional laboratory year 1949, $4,600,000, for four stations and substations and a regional laboratory year 1950, $4,200,000, for three stations and substations.

ARTICLE 10. - Credits not invested over the course of one year shall be added to the amount allocated in the next or subsequent and shall be transferred from one year to another, until the implementation of this plan.

ARTICLE 11. - The executive branch shall regulate this law within ninety days from the date of its promulgation

ARTICLE 12. - Contact the executive branch.

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