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Social Assistance National Direction Of Social Assistance- Creation - Full Text Of The Norm


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LEY N° 13.341 Sanctioned: September 28-1948 Promulgated: October 18-1948 The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, gathered in Congress, etc. SANCIONAN WITH FORCE OF LAW ARTICLE 1. - Créase, under the Ministry of Labour and Security, the National Directorate for Social Assistance, which is intended to exercise the State ' s protection throughout the territory of the Nation of persons who are deprived of the indispensable means of life and who, without them, are permanently disabled to obtain them. ARTICLE 2. - The National Directorate of Social Welfare is called to:
(a) The assistance of the abandoned, orphaned or offender providing his or her education, instruction and full training, and of those whose parents or legal representatives are physically, economically or legally unable to do so;
(b) The protection of the helpless mother, resorting by all means to avoid the dissolution of the "mother-son" binomial;
(c) To the protection and relief of the old age;
(d) Integration and consolidation of the family nucleus;
(e) To address the problem of housing, with regard to low-income families;
(f) To the recovery of any person fallen into the misfortune, offering the means of one or another concurrent nature to that object.
The above-established missions are only declarative and do not exclude any other that covers the purposes expressed in Article 1.
ARTICLE 3. - The National Social Welfare Directorate is a public social service and will function as a decentralized entity. ARTICLE 4. - They shall join the National Directorate of Social Assistance: the Directorate-General for Social Assistance of the Ministry of Labour and Security, the Society for the Beneficent of Capital and the societies and associations of equal character existing in the Republic, in the manner and manner determined by the Executive Power in regulating this law, whose property, furniture, immovable and/or of any other nature are transferred to the new agency, together with its staff, budgetary credits and special accounts. ARTICLE 5. - In order to fulfil the purposes imposed in Article 1, the National Social Welfare Authority may:
(a) Directing and administering all establishments incorporated into it under the provisions of the preceding article;
(b) Comply with the functions assigned to the current National Directorate of Social Assistance of the Secretariat for Labour and Security, with the provision of funds, budget items, subsidies and other assets granted to it;
(c) To direct and manage the establishments, units and entities that, dependent on the Executive, deem it appropriate to transfer it;
(d) To project, organize, direct and manage the agencies, establishments and benefits that it deems appropriate to create for the fulfilment of its mission;
(e) Complying with the provisions contained in article 22 of Act No. 10.903, special schools, reformatory schools and colonies established or established under their unit;
(f) To advise the public authorities on social assistance and to request the executive branch to take measures to improve the national social assistance system;
(g) To have the items that are agreed upon annually by the Budget Law and the credits granted to it by special laws; of the legacies and donations it receives, which may accept or reject, and to perform all acts of administration inherent in the fulfillment of the aims of the National Directorate;
(h) Control charities or associations, proposing to the executive branch the subsidies or grants to receive from the national State, or the cancellation thereof. To be a beneficiary of these subsidies, institutions must be subject to social guidance and technical directives provided by the National Social Welfare Directorate;
(i) Establish permanent delegations on the territory of the Republic and any mobile or transitory service that is necessary, and may do so on the outside, when the episodes are justified in the opinion of the National Directorate.
ARTICLE 6. - The executive branch shall appoint a National Director of Social Assistance, who shall submit within one hundred and eighty days the organization and regulation of the National Directorate of Social Welfare. ARTICLE 7. - Default all provisions that are contrary to the terms of this Law. ARTICLE 8. - Contact the Executive.

Alberto H.Reales -

L.Zavalla Carbó.

- THE N°13341-