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International Treaties Treated Railway Construction - Approval - Full Text Of The Norm


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LEY N.o 12.752

The treaty on the construction of the Yacuiba railway to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Sucre and the pipeline to Oran

Buenos Aires, August 25, 1942.


The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, meeting in Congress, etc., sanction with force of -


Article 1. - Approve the treaty on the construction of the Yacuiba railway to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Sucre and the pipeline to Orán, signed in this capital on February 10, 1941 by the plenipotentiaries of the governments of the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Bolivia and the reversal notes that integrate it, signed on August 14, 1941.

Art. 2.° - Authorize the executive branch to invest up to the sum of twelve million two hundred thousand pesos national currency ($ 12,200,000 m/n.), in the advance to the government of Bolivia, in the form and conditions stipulated in the treaty referred to in Article 1.°, of the funds necessary for the construction of the border-Villa Montes section of the Yacuiba-Santa Cruz and Sucre line.

Art. 3.° - Also authorize the Executive Branch to advance the Government of Bolivia, in the form and conditions stipulated in Article 6.° of that treaty, to the sum of two million pesos national currency ($ 20,000 m/n.), for the drilling and exploitation of new oil wells in the Sanandita and Bermejo fields.

Art. 4.° - Authorize the executive branch to build and enable through the Directorate-General of Fiscal Petroliferous Deposits, an oil pipeline that a oil deposit owned by the Bolivian State located in Bermejo, with the station of the Argentine Central Railway that the respective studies indicate as most convenient, for which to invest up to the sum of eight hundred thousand pesos nationally.

The areas of land that the above-mentioned general direction deems necessary to acquire for the realization of the work should be described as public utility.

Art. 5.° - Authorize the General Directorate of Tax Petroliferous Deposits to acquire and impute, free from the payment of customs duties, crude oil from the property deposits of the Bolivian State.

Art. 6.° - The surrenders that the government of Bolivia makes for the service of amortization and interest of the sums that the Argentine government carries out in compliance with the provisions of Articles 2.° and 3.° of this Law, may be used by the Executive Power to finance the construction of the rest of the railway line to Santa Cruz and Sucre to the North of Villa Montes.

Art. 7.° - Materials for the enforcement of this Act shall be exempt from the payment of customs and transit duties.

Art. 8.° - The Executive Power is authorized to issue public debt securities to cover the costs incurred by the works determined by this Act.

Art. 9.° - Contact the Executive.

Given in the meeting room of the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires, 18 August 1942.

Gustavo Figueroa L. Zavalla Carbó

Registered under No. 12.752.



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