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Scientific Research And Technical National Commission Of Altura-Hipsologia - Full Text Of The Norm


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Act No. 12.746


BUENOS AIRES, July 28, 1942

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation gathered
in Congress, etc.

Article 1.- The National Commission for the Height, under the Ministry of the Interior, shall be composed, with an honorary character, by doctors in medicine, chemistry, physics, exact and natural sciences.

Art. 2.- The National Height Commission will be responsible for the technical direction of the hypological studies carried out in the country and its purposes will be: (a) To study all issues related to biological problems arising at the high altitudes, to determine the most adaptable human biotype. To study the capacity of work, the most adequate food, housing and all environmental, climatological, hydrological, geological, zoological, botanical, chemical and physical factors related to the life regime of healthy men at altitude (b) Study the pathology of heights, diseases that can improve with hypsotherapy and advise the health authorities in the installation of sanatoriums or hospitals in places that are considered suitable for the treatment and healing of the same c) The creation of mobile laboratories and the establishment of experimental hypological stations and other concurrent services (d) To study the fauna and flora of each region, chemical composition of the soil and to make meteorological observations that may influence the organism, and thus to make known the therapeutic conditions of each elevated region of our territory.

Art. 3.- The National Commission of the Height shall consist of a president and eight members, appointed by the Executive Branch, shall last six years after which they may be reelected for periods of equal duration. The renewal of the vowels will be done for half every three years and for such purpose, the commission once constituted, will proceed the first time to draw them. The vacancies that occur will be provided with candidates of specialty.

Art. 4.- The functions and powers of the commission shall be projected by it in full and accepted by simple plurality of votes, and subject to the Executive Power for its validity.

Art. 5.- The National Commission of the Height shall be entitled to designate as honorary and by the term which it deems prudent, advisory commissions, in the different branches of science, composed of persons of recognized competence and authorized versation, which in merit to their specialized technicality, contribute to making the scientific action programme more complete and effective for which it has been created.

Art. 6.- The executive branch is empowered to agree with the provincial governments, measures aimed at coordinating and centralizing services for unity of action.

Art. 7.- Disclose the amount of two hundred thousand pesos national currency ($ 200,000 m/n.) for the fulfillment of this law and until it is included in the general budget law, this sum shall be taken from general incomes with charge to the present.

Art. 8.- Contact the Executive.