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Bilateral Cooperation Agreements For Research And Indotrial Development In The Private Sector - Full Text Of The Norm


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ACUERDOS Law 26.437 Approve the Agreement between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the State of Israel on Bilateral Cooperation for Industrial Research and Development in the Private Sector, signed in Jerusalem deState of Israel,, on 16 November 2006. Sanctioned: December 3, 2008 Cast: January 5, 2009

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation assembled in Congress, etc. sanction with force of Law:

ARTICLE 1 Approval of the agreement between the Government of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC and the Government of the ISRAEL STATE on BILATERAL COOPERATION FOR INVESTIGATION AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT in the PRIVATE SECTOR, signed in Jerusalem .ESTADO DE ISRAEL., on 16 November 2006, which consists of OCHOute Spanish and Spanish.

ARTICLE 2 Contact the national executive branch.



JULY C. C. COBOS. EDUARDO A. FELLNER. . Enrique Hidalgo. . Juan H. Estrada.

Agreement between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the State of Israel on Bilateral Cooperation for Industrial Research and Development in the Private Sector

The Government of the Argentine Republic (hereinafter Argentina) and the Government of the State of Israel (hereinafter Israel), now designated as "the Parties";

DESEANDO develop and strengthen economic, industrial, technological and commercial cooperation between Argentina and Israel;

CONSIDERING mutual interests in moving forward in the areas of industrial and technological research and development and the benefits of this for both Parties;

RECOGNIZING that the challenges of stimulating economic innovation and growth are important for both Parties;

I intend to improve its industrial competitiveness through cooperation in industrial and technological research and development and to develop and strengthen economic and trade cooperation among them;

RESOLVING to promote, facilitate and support joint research and development projects between companies, corporations or other entities (hereinafter entities) of the two countries;

They agreed on the following:

Article I


The Parties determine that the objectives of this Agreement are:

(a) Promote the activities of their respective public and private sectors to enhance bilateral cooperation in industrial research and development.

(b) Facilitate the identification of specific projects, societies or other forms of partnership between Entities of Argentina and Israel that could lead to industrial research and development cooperation.

(c) Coordinate and concentrate the efforts of government resources and appropriate programmes to support industrial cooperation and commercial use of the results of research and development projects.

(d) Launch a plan by establishing a framework for financial support in which Parties will assist the joint approved industrial cooperation projects for research and development, between Entities of the two countries, leading to marketing in the global market.

Article II


For the purpose of this Agreement, "Investigation and Industrial Development" means, among the Parties, research, development and demonstration activities that tend to develop new products, processes or services to market in the global market.

Article III

Cooperative Authorities

1. The Ministry of Economy and Production (hereinafter MECON) together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (hereinafter MECT) of Argentina, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour of Israel (hereinafter "MOITAL") will be in charge of the implementation of this Agreement and will designate the cooperating authorities to implement it.

2. The MECON Economic Policy Secretariat and the MECT Secretariat of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, on behalf of Argentina (from now "SPE/SECyT"), and the MOITAL Senior Scientific Office (from this time "OCS"), on behalf of Israel, will be the cooperating authorities to implement this Agreement. They will be responsible for their respective expenses for the promotion and administration of the objectives of this Agreement.

Article IV

Research and Development Projects (I ignoreD)

1. The Parties, within their competence and in accordance with their applicable laws, rules and mechanisms, will facilitate, support and encourage cooperation projects in the areas of research and technological and industrial development assumed by Entities of Argentina and Israel (hereinafter "the partners"), for the development and subsequent management and marketing in conjunction with products or processes based on new and innovative technologies to be marketed in the global market (designated from this time as "Projects").

2. Each partner in the Project shall be subject to its national laws, regulations and procedures regarding the assistance and funds for research and development that his own Government grants to him, including the level of support and the conditions under which they shall be provided and, if applicable, the obligation to pay the copyrights.

3. For the facilitation and stimulation of the Cooperation Project, the Parties may include, the following forms and methods:

(a) Organization of meetings and promotion of cooperation between Entities of Argentina and Israel;

(b) The realization of other activities to promote the possibilities of cooperation between Entities of Argentina and Israel.

Article V

The Fair and Equitable Treatment

Subject to its domestic laws and regulations, each Party shall agree on fair and equitable treatment of individuals, government agencies and other entities of the other Party engaged in activities under this Agreement.

Article VI

Information Revelation

1. Each Party undertakes not to transmit, without the written approval of the other Party, information concerning the results obtained from the Cooperative Programs for Industrial Research and Development under this Agreement to a third person, organization or other country or State.

2. Each Party shall notify the other immediately of any requirements arising and make it legally binding to disclose information or documents relating to this Agreement, as otherwise they are subject to confidentiality.

3. The Party that must disclose information or documents shall ensure that the person who is obtaining such information shall always protect confidentiality and shall respect the conditions of this Agreement.

Article VII

Intellectual Property Rights

1. Partners, in projects that receive support under this Agreement, will be required to provide the Parties with the evidence of contractual arrangements between them (which relate to the realization of the Project), the marketing of the results of the Agreement and intellectual property rights, in particular:

(a) The ownership and use of the knowledge and intellectual property that Partners possess before the Project.

(b) Property agreements and the use of knowledge and property, which may be established during the Project.

2. However stated in paragraph 1 of this Article, it will be the responsibility of the Partners to safeguard their own interests, in the Projects that receive support under this Agreement.

3. Scientific and technological information of a non-confidential nature arising from common activities under this Agreement may be available to the public through the usual channels.

Article VIII

Final Provisions

1. Each Party shall notify the other Party in writing, through diplomatic channels, of compliance with the internal formalities required for the entry into force of this Agreement. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of receipt of the last notification.

2. This Agreement shall remain in force until one of the Parties terminates it. Any Party may terminate this Agreement by means of a written notification to the other Party through diplomatic channels. This Agreement shall terminate six months after the date of such notification.

3. This Agreement may be amended in writing by mutual agreement between the Parties. This amendment shall enter into force in accordance with the procedure established in the first paragraph of this Article.

4. The amendment or termination of this Agreement shall not affect the validity of the plans or contracts already concluded.

5. This Agreement shall not affect the current or future rights or obligations of Parties under other International Agreements or derivatives thereof.

Done in Jerusalem on 16 November 2006, which corresponds to the day Jeshv√°n of 5767, in two oral copies in Spanish, Hebrew and English, both equally authentic. In case of divergence in interpretation, the English language text will prevail.


NOTE: The English version is not published. The unpublished documentation can be consulted at the Central Headquarters of this National Directorate (Suipacha 767 - Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) and at