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Federal Housing System Law N? 24.464 - Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: SISTEMA FEDERAL DE LA VIVIENDA LEY N? 24.464 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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FEDERAL SYSTEM OF THE VIVIENDA Law 26.182 Amendment of Law No. 24.464, in order to establish a quota in the plans that are implemented with the funds of FONAVI, for persons with disabilities or families in which at least one of its members is a person with disabilities. Requirements. Sanctioned: November 29, 2006 Cast: December 19, 2006

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies

of the Nation gathered in Congress, etc.

forcefully sanctioned


ARTICLE 1 Amend article 12 (e) of Act No. 24.464, which shall read as follows:

Article 12: ...

e. Define indicative criteria for the selection of home owners or credits awarded with FONAVI funds.

The National Housing Council shall establish a preferential quota of 5 per cent in each of the plans for the award or improvement of dwellings that are carried out with the FONAVI fund for persons with disabilities or families in which at least one of the members is a disabled person.

In order to access the benefits established in the quota, the following requirements must be met:

I. Accreditation of the permanent disability of the applicant or member of the family group, in accordance with article 3 of Act No. 22.431.

II. In the event that the applicant is not a person with a disability, accreditation of the relationship of kinship, only the person who is an ascendant, descendant or relative by affinity up to the second degree with respect to the person with a disability and who is living with the disabled.

III. In the event of a request for the award of a dwelling, the relatives defined at the previous point, who live with the person with disabilities, must prove that they have no other property.

The property to be awarded, if any, shall be effectively authorized by the person with disabilities, and the provisions of article 14 of Act No. 21.581. The translational deed of the domain of the house awarded by this quota must state the constitution of a vitality usufruct in favor of the person with disabilities, under penalty of nullity.

The jurisdictional entities shall provide the necessary rules for the purpose of adapting housing to award or improve, to the criteria set out in articles 21 and 28 of Act No. 22,431.

The 5 per cent quota may be increased by the respective jurisdictional entity, but it may not be reduced from a particular plan, if there are applicants who meet the requirements.

ARTICLE 2 Amend article 16 of Act No. 24,464, which shall read as follows:

Article 16: The National Housing Council will suggest the criteria to be followed by the provinces and the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for the selection of the awardees of the credits financed by the National Housing Fund, without prejudice to the automatic application of the preferential quota established in article 12 (e). The falsification by the awardees, of the information that had served as the basis for the respective selections and awards, will lead to the immediate expiration of this and the corresponding execution.

Article 3 Contact the Executive.



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