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Permanent Mission Of The League Of Arab States - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ACUERDOS MISION PERMANENTE DE LA LIGA DE LOS ESTADOS ARABES - Texto completo de la norma

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Law 26.186

Approve the Agreement for the Establishment of a Permanent Mission of the League of Arab States in the Argentine Republic, signed in New York on 16 September 2005.

Sanctioned: November 29, 2006.

Enacted: December 21, 2006.

Bs. As., 21/12/2006

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation

gathered in Congress, etc. sanction

with force of law:

ARTICLE 1 de Approval of the agreement of the Republic of Armenia and the release of the States ARABES FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A PERMANENT MISSION OF THE LIGA OF THE STATES ARABES IN THE ARGENTIN REPUBLIC, signed in New York, the United States of AMERICA , 16 September 2005,

ARTICLE 2 . Contact the national executive branch.


# 26.186 EL

ALBERTO BALESTRINI. . JOSE J. B. PAMPURO. . Enrique Hidalgo. . Juan H. Estrada.









The Argentine Republic, hereafter referred to as the Headquarters Country and the League of Arab States, mentioned as the League,

Considering the close relations between the Argentine Republic and the League of Arab States and their member countries, based on mutual understanding and close cooperation and

Affirming the mutual desire to activate their bilateral relations and to strengthen Arab cooperation in Argentina, and

On the basis of the desire of both Parties to organize the privileges and immunities of the Mission of the League of Arab States to the Argentine Republic, they have agreed:

Article 1


For the purposes of this Agreement, the following words or expressions shall have the following meaning:

(a) The League: the League of Arab States.

(b) The Country See: the Argentine Republic.

(c) The Parties: the League of Arab States and the Argentine Republic.

(d) The Mission: the Mission of the League of Arab States to the Argentine Republic.

(e) The Head of Mission: the responsible officer appointed by the League of Arab States as his Representative and Head of Mission.

(f) Mission Staff Members: Diplomatic and administrative employees of the mission.

(g) Mission Headquarters: Buildings or parts of buildings, annexes thereto, and land occupied, irrespective of property, and residence of the Head of Mission.

(h) The Vienna Convention: The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, signed at Vienna on 18 April 1961.

Article 2

Objective of the agreement and field of application

This Agreement regulates the status of the Mission and the special privileges, immunities and facilities accorded to the members of the Mission.

Article 3

Legal personality

1- The League, represented by the Mission in the Home Country, has full legal status and has the capacity to carry out the following:

(a) Signing contracts

(b) Possess and manage assets and liquid funds.

(c) Receive public and private money.

(d) Participate in judicial proceedings.

2- To realize the objectives of this article, the Mission is represented by its head.

Article 4

Privileges and immunities of the Mission in the Country of Headquarters

1- In the Home Country, the Mission shall enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for in this Agreement.

2- Mission premises are inviolable. The officers of the Headquarters Country may not enter them without the consent of the Head of Mission or his representative, including to carry out official missions related to the security or expulsion of any person whose presence is considered non grata by the Headquarters Country.

The consent of the Head of Mission or his representative is deemed to exist in the event of an accident requiring immediate action by the agents of the Headquarters Country, as in the case of fires.

3- The Headquarters Country has a special obligation to take all appropriate measures to protect the Mission ' s premises against any intrusion or damage and to prevent its peace of mind or its dignity from being disturbed.

4- The Mission ' s premises, its furniture and other assets are not subject to any registration, requisition, embargo or enforcement action.

5- The Mission ' s archives and documents, properties, money and pouch are always inviolable wherever they are.

6- Without prejudice to the provisions of this Agreement, the League shall not permit the headquarters of its Mission or the places of residence of its officials or employees to be a place of refuge for any person sought by justice or that the relevant authorities of the Country Headquarters have issued a warrant for arrest or deportation.

7- The residence of the Head of Mission or of the staff of the League, who are neither nationals of the Headquarters Country nor permanently resident, enjoy the same inviolability and protection as the Mission ' s premises.

8- The Mission shall enjoy immunity from jurisdiction in the Home Country, except in the event of civil action initiated by third parties, claiming damage for breach of contract, in the event of claims by local staff on labour matters, by an accident caused by or used by a vehicle owned by the Mison, or by violation of transit rules.

Article 5

Freedom of administration of funds

The Mission shall be exempt from any monetary or exchange restrictions and shall have the right to open bank accounts for official use and to transfer and exchange foreign money or currency within or outside the Headquarters Country, in conditions not less favourable than those granted by the Headquarters Country to the diplomatic representations accredited therein.

Article 6

Privileges and exemptions in tax matters

1- The Headquarters Country, in accordance with its laws and regulations, shall permit the importation, with exemption from all types of customs duties, taxes and related charges, except for cases of storage, cartage and similar services, of objects intended for the official use of the Mission.

2- The Mission shall enjoy the return of the Attached Value Tax involved in the price paid to them for goods, works, locations, services and other benefits, encumbered, used for the construction, repair, maintenance and maintenance of Mission premises, the location of the latter and for the acquisition of goods or services for their equipment and/or related to the development of their official activities in the Country.

3- The Mission shall be exempt from any kind of real taxes and charges or from its capital and income, with the exception of the taxes on the successions to be paid to the Headquarters Country, capital taxes on investments made in commercial enterprises in the Headquarters Country; and taxes, fees and charges for particular services provided to the Mission

Article 7

Communications facilities

1- With regard to official communications, the Mission has the same treatment accorded by the host country to any foreign mission or international organization in terms of prices, post rates, wire and wireless communications, telephones, telegrams, faxes or any other means of communication, including press and radio fees.

2- The Mission ' s correspondence and communications are not subject to any kind of monitoring or inspection in the Headquarters Country.

3- The Mission has the right to make use of keys, in addition to sending and receiving mails or by sealed and identified pouch, all of which has the same privilege and immunity as correspondence and diplomatic pouch.

Article 8

Access and residence facilities

Applications for visas submitted by Mission officials and employees, including their spouses and children under the age of 21, who live with their family during the period of service of their staff for the Mission, and visa applications submitted by the official staff and experts of the League on official mission will be handled as quickly as possible by the relevant authorities of the Country Headquarters.

Article 9

Use of flag

The Mission will use the League flag and its shield in its official buildings and cars.

Article 10

Mission employees

1- Members of the Mission ' s staff who do not possess Argentine nationality or are recruited locally shall enjoy the following privileges, immunities and facilities in the Headquarters Country:

(a) Exemption of all taxes on salaries, sprains and compensation received from the League;

(b) Currency and exchange facilities;

(c) Immunity of jurisdiction over all acts carried out by them on an official basis, which shall remain in respect of such acts, even if the person has ceased to serve the Mission;

(d) Exemption, for them and their families, of restrictive immigration measures and the registration of aliens;

(e) They shall have the right to import, free of rights, their furniture and personal effects when they take possession of their office;

(f) Members of the Mission ' s staff who were for one year or more in the Mission are entitled to import a car with customs franchise. In case of total destruction by accident or fire, or in the case of theft, the car entered with franchise may be replaced.

2- In addition to the privileges, immunities and facilities provided for in the preceding paragraph, the Head of Mission and its second will enjoy the treatment provided for the Heads of Diplomatic Mission in the Vienna Convention.

3-a) The Mission shall inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the arrival and final departure of the Mission ' s staff members and shall also provide the following information:

(i) Name and surname and charge

(ii) Place and date of birth

(iii) Sex

(iv) Nationality

(v) Civil status

(vi) Composition of the family.

(b) The Mission ' s employees and members of their dependent and convivial families with their parents shall have the right to a personal identity document.

4- The privileges and immunities stipulated in this Agreement shall be accorded to the relevant persons to facilitate the successful development of the affairs of the League and its Mission. The League agrees to cancel the immunity granted to any of them in the event that it represents a sneeze for justice provided that this cancellation does not affect the interests of the Mission.

Article 11

Participation in the labour market

The Parties may agree, in the future, through reverse letters, on the conditions in which family members of the Mission ' s staff can access paid jobs in the country.

Article 12

Private service staff

In the light of the conditions and limitations provided for in the Vienna Convention and the regulations in force in the country, the Mission ' s staff members may employ private service personnel.

Article 13

Arrangement of disputes

1- All differences between the League and the Headquarters Country regarding the interpretation or application of this agreement, which cannot be arranged by the consultation, will be exposed to a tripartite court agreed upon by both parties.

2- Both the League and the host country shall each appoint a member in the court within a maximum of three months from the date of submission of a request for arbitration by either party.

3- Both appointed members shall elect a president and the court shall determine the rules of their work.

4- The court ruling is final.

Article 14

The modification

This Agreement may be amended at any time and in writing, in common agreement between the Parties.

Article 15


Any Party may terminate this Agreement, at any time, through a written communication addressed to the other, by diplomatic means, in advance of one year, after which it shall cease.

Article 16

Entry into force

This Agreement shall enter into force on the day after the date of receipt of the last of the notices exchanged between the two Parties to report on the compliance of the conditions of each one necessary to enter into force.

Made in New York on 16 September 2005 in two original copies in Spanish, Arabic and English being both equally authentic.