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Promotion And Production Of The Program Silk Goan - Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PROMOCION Y PRODUCCION DEL GUSANO DE SEDA PROGRAMA - CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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PROMOTION AND PRODUCTION OF THE GUSAN OF SEDA Law 25.747 Purpose and scope of application. Objective. Financing. Sanctioned: June 11, 2003. Promulgated: July 1, 2003.

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation assembled in Congress, etc. sanction with force of Law:

Purpose and scope of application

ARTICLE 1 This law will aim to implement the seed industry in the Nation, through the creation of a program for the promotion and production of the silkworm, whose application and instrumentation will depend on the organism that determines the regulation of the present. ARTICLE 2 Provincial and municipal governments, as well as institutions, associations and individuals, are invited to adhere to the purposes that inspire this law, implementing in appropriate areas the production of the silkworm.


Article 3 The Programme for the Promotion and Production of the Seda Gusano will have as its basic objectives, not excluding others that may arise in the course of its development, which are described below:

(a) The necessary experimentation in the field of sericculture and production of the mole tree, proposing for this purpose the creation of seedling stations;

(b) Include the mole, Morus Alba, Nigra and hybrid, within the forest plans;

(c) To promote the cultivation of the mulberry and its application in the breeding of the silkworm, whose purpose is to improve the yield and production;

(d) To identify and advise the best breeds and varieties of the silkworm that best fit the different regions of the country;

(e) To advise and guide in everything related to the breeding of the silkworm, the manufacture of breeding of Florence, the cultivation and multiplication of the motto, making the necessary propaganda for this purpose;

(f) Propose the measures that are deemed appropriate to ensure the quality and purity of the production of the silkworm;

(g) Promote the industrialization of the seda worm cocoons in the places that occur, enjoying tax exemptions to be determined in the regulation;

(h) Promote the sale and industrialization of silkworm cocoons, according to the needs of industry and trade;

(i) To obtain seeds classified by current scientific procedures, which will seek to improve on the basis of research;

(j) Provide at reduced prices the classified seedling of the silkworm, seeds, stakes and herbs grafted of mulch to all farmers in the country who request it;

(k) Carrying a record of mulberry growers, silkworm breeders or industrial silk growers or installed in the country;

(l) Promote the cooperativeness of seed producers, in order to increase the volume in production and achieve competitive characteristics in the production;

(m) In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the creation of schools, workshops and sericculture courses for both sexes; the provision of scholarships and the promotion of internships, all in order to promote technicians in sericculture and practical develotors (extractor of thread);

(n) Conduct periodic censuses on the existence and cultivation of mobs in the country;

(o) To advise the competent body in the organization of conferences, conferences and courses, as well as for the presentation of papers and research work at different events on the subject and in the preparation of international treaties, conventions and agreements.

ARTICLE 4 The competent agency will design and carry the National Register of Sericculture, whose objective will be to register all breeders of the silkworm, growers of mulberry and producers and industrializers of natural silk in the country. ARTICLE 5o The interested parties shall request the questionnaire to be informed and subscribed to be registered in the relevant registry, which shall be accompanied by any documentation that the regulation of this Act determines.


ARTICLE 6 Coordinate with the competent agency so that, through official institutions and public or private banking entities, financial resources and credit lines are provided to those interested in production and industrialization that can credit their claims with capacity, suitability, experience, seriousness and solvency. ARTICLE 7 Contact the Executive.



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