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Cooperation Framework Agreements S/Fishing (Marrocco) - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ACUERDOS MARCO DE COOPERACION S/ PESCA (MARRUECOS) - Texto completo de la norma

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ACUERDOS Law 25.526 Approve the Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Maritime Fisheries signed with the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, signed at Rabat.

Sanctioned: November 27, 2001.

Enacted: January 7, 2002.

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation assembled in Congress, etc. sanction with force of Law:

ARTICLE 1 Approved the MARCO COOPERATION FRAMEWORK COOPERATION AGREEMENT IN MATERIA OF THE MARTINIAN REPUBLIC AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE MARKET KINGDOM, signed at Rabat Rabat MARREINO DE MARRUECOS. on 3 October 2000, which consists of SIETE (7) articles, whose photocopy is part of this law. ARTICLE 2 Contact the national executive branch.



PASCUAL RAFAEL. . MARIO A. LOSADA. . Guillermo Aramburu. . Juan C. OyarzĂșn.


The Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, henceforth called "Parts",

Considering the friendly relations between their two countries;

Considering the interest of both Parties in the conservation of fisheries resources and in the protection of the marine environment; and

Determined to ensure, in the light of that interest, the conservation and rational management of fisheries resources in their exclusive economic zones;

Aware of the role of the maritime fishing sector and its related activities in their economic and social development;

Mindful of the fact that the realization of their respective economic and social objectives in the field of fisheries will be strengthened by close collaboration, particularly with regard to scientific, technical, industrial and commercial fields;

They agreed to the following:

Article 1


The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the principles and modalities for the establishment of maritime fishing collaboration between the Argentine Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Article 2

Scientific cooperation in maritime fisheries.

The Contracting Parties shall promote the development and implementation of common scientific research programmes, through their respective research institutes on maritime fisheries, in particular, research aimed at better knowledge of their fisheries resources and to improve their sustainable management, for the benefit of their economic and social development.

These programmes will be adopted by the Joint Commission established in Article 6 of this Agreement. The Joint Commission, for the purpose of considering the adoption of joint investigations programmes and monitoring their implementation and results, may establish one or more specialized committees.

Research programmes will be carried out jointly by Parties.

Article 3

Cooperation in the field of the transformation and marketing of fish products.

The Contracting Parties shall encourage the exchange of their respective experiences in the processing of the products of the fisheries and marketing of these products and their derivatives.

To this end, each Party shall share with the other and its entrepreneurs the benefits of technology acquired in the processing of fish products, with a view to improving their quality and optimal value.

In addition, Contracting Parties shall facilitate cooperation between their respective private entrepreneurs in view of the establishment of a dynamic marketing system, in particular for the distribution of fish products for consumption in their internal markets and export.

The Contracting Parties shall exchange information on the existing systems in each country to authorize the operation of the units for the processing of fish products.

Article 4

Training cooperation.

In the light of the importance both Parties attach to the training of their senior staff and operators on board fishing vessels, aquaculture establishments and processing units for fishing products will develop and conduct common training programmes and encourage the exchange of students, trainees and teachers as well as the organization of study and information travel. The staff of the respective State agencies involved in maritime fishing may benefit from these activities.

Article 5

Cooperation in the field of international and regional organizations.

The Parties shall exchange information on their activities in the field of maritime fisheries and hold consultations to coordinate positions within relevant international and regional organizations.

Article 6

Joint Commission

1 una A Joint Commission is established to ensure the implementation of this Agreement, which shall have the following functions:

a . Monitor the implementation, and the smooth functioning of this Agreement.

b . Serve as a forum for amicable settlement of any difference in interpretation or application of this Agreement.

c . To agree on the cooperation programmes and joint activities envisaged in this Agreement.

d . Create, as necessary, the specialized committees referred to in Article 2 of this Agreement and establish their mandates.

e . Carry out other activities entrusted to it by the Parties.

2 La The Mixed Commission will meet once a year, alternatively in the Argentine Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as in an extraordinary session at the request of any Party.

Article 7

Duration and entry into force.

This Agreement shall last for two years from its entry into force, and shall remain in force for additional periods of two years, except in writing by one of the Parties.

The complaint shall be notified by diplomatic channels to the other Party at least three months prior to the expiration of the initial period and the additional periods.

This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the second notification by which the Parties communicate, by diplomatic means, the fulfilment of the necessary internal requirements for its entry into force.

Made in Rabat on 3 October 2000 in two originals, each in the Spanish and Arabic languages, both equally authentic.