Declared Area Of Disaster And Emergency Economic And Social And Productive To Various Departments Of The Provinces Of Río Negro And Neuquén

Original Language Title: Declárase zona de desastre y emergencia económica y social y productiva a distintos departamentos de las provincias de Río Negro y del Neuquén

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AREA of disaster and emergency economic and SOCIAL Law 26.697 declare area of disaster and emergency economic and social and productive to various departments of the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén. Sanctioned: 3 August 2011 promulgated: August 16, 2011 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. sanctioned with force of law: article 1º - declared zone of disaster and emergency economic, social and productive for a period of 180 days, extendable for equal term by the national executive power, to the departments Bariloche, Pilcaniyeu, Ñorquinco, and 25 de Mayo in the province of Río Negro, and the Lakes Lácar; Huiliches and Collon Cura in the Neuquén province, affected by the eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic complex in the Republic of Chile.
Article 2º - the national executive power shall allocate a special game to deal with the actions of assistance and reconstruction of the affected economies, within the framework of the emergency imposed in the previous article.
The extension of funding for coverage of social plans during the time period of the Declaration of emergency in the same geographical area, as well as measures that tend to preserve and restore the relations of production and employment article 3º - entrusted to the national executive power. In the order of public works, shall be, as a matter of urgency, to the allocation of items in order to carry out the repair or construction of public works affected or which may be necessary as a result of the factors that gave rise to the Declaration of a State of disaster or emergency economic and social area study of the set of them that establish priorities for the use of the funds available.
Article 4º - empower is the national executive branch to adopt special measures to provide: 1. financial assistance for affected economic activities: banking institutions, national, official, or mixed, will be attended in support of affected farms included in the Declaration of the zone of disaster or emergency economic and social, applied according to the individual situation of each holding and in relation to loans for commercial exploitation (, special measures outlined then: to) wait and renovations at the request of stakeholders of the outstanding obligations to date in set as initiation of the emergency or disaster and to the next production cycle, in the conditions that set each banking institution. (b) granting, in the areas of disaster or emergency economic and social, of credits that allow to achieve the continuity of economic activities, the recovery of the economies of affected farms, and the maintenance of its staff, with interest rates subsidised twenty-five percent (25%) in areas in economic and social emergency, and a fifty percent (50%) in the areas of disaster over the force in place for these operations as with rules establishing the banking institutions. (c) unification, prior analysis of each case, of the debts that keep farms affected with every intervening banking institution, in the conditions that establish the latter. (d) suspension of production cycle or up to ninety (90) days after completion of the period of zone of disaster or emergency economic and social of the initiation of proceedings and administrative procedures for the collection of debts due prior to the emergency or disaster. Already initiated trials should be halted until the period prescribed in the preceding paragraph. The course of the procedural terms of revocation of instance and prescription shall be suspended for the same period. 2. financial making non-refundable contributions to operating and investment expenses to rebuild the productive capacity, with preference to family businesses with small scale of production and subsistence, facilitating in such cases compliance with the formal requirements for access to the benefits of the system and technical assistance.
Article 5º - empower the national executive power to implement, through the Federal Administration of public revenues and the National Social Security Administration, special schemes for payment expressly covering taxpayers affected within the framework of the article 1 of this law. Shall be adopted special tax measures that are shown below, for those responsible who, on the occasion of the situation of emergency or disaster to see committed their sources of income, provided that economic activity is located on it and constitutes its main activity: to) extension of the maturity of the payment of existing taxes or to create, they imposed the heritage the capital, or earnings from affected farms, whose maturities are operated during the period of the State of disaster or emergency economic and social area. The extensions for the payment of the mentioned taxes will have a deadline until the next production cycle (winter season) to one in which end of such period. They will not be subject to updating of the nominal values of the debt. (b) authorize the national executive power so you can exempt total or partially from taxes on personal assets and minimum presumed income on those assets belonging to farms and estate leased respectively, located within the disaster area and affected by this extraordinary situation. To graduate the national executive power exemptions mentioned will assess the intensity of the event and the duration of the disaster, and may extend the benefit until the next production cycle after completing the. (c) the Federal public revenue (AFIP) Administration shall to the productive cycle after the date of completion of the period of disaster or emergency, the initiation of trials of tax enforcement to collect taxes owed by taxpayers covered by this law. The judgments which were pending for taxation covered by the franchise should be halted until the expiration of the period specified in the preceding paragraph.

The course of procedural terms, prescription and the expiration for instance will be suspended for the same period. (d) the Federal public revenue (AFIP) Administration will issue complementary standards relevant for the implementation and control of benefits agreed by the present law.
Article 6º - empower the national executive power to exempt from the payment of the rights, fees and other charges affecting the final import for consumption goods established in the Decree 608/10.
Article 7º - empower the national executive power to reassign budget allocations that are necessary to comply with this law.
Article 8º - this Act shall apply to all sectors not included in the Law 26.509 agricultural emergency, in particular tourism and trade.

Date of publication: 19/08/2011