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Law 71/2010, Of 22 September, Extraordinary Credit To Cope With The Work Of Improvement And Conservation Of Mountain Refuges

Original Language Title: Llei 71/2010, del 22 de setembre, de crèdit extraordinari per fer front als treballs de millora i de conservació dels refugis de muntanya

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Law since the General Council in its session of the 22nd September 2010 has approved the following: law 71/2010, of 22 September, extraordinary credit to cope with the work of improvement and conservation of mountain refuges preamble the Government has a network of mountain refuges scattered throughout the country. Since Andorra is a mountain tourist destination, is believed to be essential and necessary to be able to put at the disposal of our visitors the appropriate facilities to enhance the attractiveness and the range of activities of our mountains in summer. The goal is to have a network of shelters along the trail of long-haul country (GRP), which makes the vault in Andorra through several shelters, to offer users an overnight in shelters each two-day excursion. Currently there are two shelters in operation in the North of the country, the guarded refuge of Comapedrosa, in the parish of la Massana, and guarded by Juclar, in the parish of Canillo.

The Bill of the budget for the financial year 2010 anticipated credits for 2010 and 2011, 2012 and 2013 for the multiannual financial year to deal with the costs of the work of improvement and conservation of mountain refuges (Comapedrosa and Juclar), to finance the adaptation works of Sorteny refuge in guarded, as the agreement between the Government of Andorra and the common of Ordino with regard to the transfer of the management of the refuge Sorteny, signed on 17 September 2008, and for the screening and the construction of two shelters in the South East of the country, where there is none. On the other hand, the Department of the environment anticipated credits to meet the costs of the work relating to the reorganization of the shelter of Comapedrosa on Bill mentioned.

Given that it has not approved the budget bill for the 2010 tax year, this year we propose to prioritize some of the real investment initially in some of the work to carry out the improvements to the shelter of Comapedrosa, representing a total expenditure of EUR 458,703.72, of which 198,652.90 are adjudicarien by perennial growth from 2011. This award would include also the work of reorganization, the Department of the environment had planned to draft budget 2010 and the helicopter transport of the material and the staff, which had not been included. On the other hand, you want to allot the elaboration of the study of the works of Sorteny shelter, for an amount of 32,048.99 euros, and carry out the action to guarded refuge of Juclar, for a total of 5,000 euros, relating to the extension of the batteries of the photovoltaic system and water purification of water for human consumption.

Once you have the project of the construction of the shelter of Sorteny, will proceed to apply for the works, and at the same time it will apply and will be allocated on the works of one of the shelters needed in the South East of Andorra with charge to the sponsors mentioned. This expense is encrypted in 1,601,347.10 euros.

As a result, the Government does not have the funding needed to meet these expenses, and those relating to the future renovation of shelters and to the construction of shelters and they are encrypted in a total of 1,800,000 euros, 2,097,099.81 of which are in charge of long-term costs for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, over 600,000 euros for each exercise.

Seen that the character of urgency and necessity of these costs is justified by the fact that the Government must have sufficient budgetary credits to address the improvements needed to the existing shelters, and transform them into shelters, and to build new ones, and thus the path with minimum facilities necessary to GRP use them as soon as possible.

Seen the report of the general intervention;

Seen the governmental agreement of 12 May 2010;

Article 1 approves an extraordinary credit for an amount of 2,097,099.81 euros for the budgetary and the following amounts: Department of agriculture and Natural Heritage 420-423 area of Comm., Public. and Water-2010-0000000005 mountain refuges-60910 studies and investment projects, for a total of 33,248.99 euros, 420-423, Department of agriculture and Natural Heritage area of Comm., Public. and Water-2010-0000000005 mountain refuges-61200 conservation and improvement of buildings, for a total of 2,063,850.82 euros (263,850.82 euros for the financial year 2010, 600,000 euros for the financial year 2011, 600,000 euros for the year 2012, and 600,000 euros for the financial year 2013).

Article 2 The extraordinary credit for an amount of EUR 297,099.81 will be funded by means of the following budgetary: 220 the Department of budget and expenses and financial operations 221-Heritage-PROJ-0008 expenses and financial operations-33010 interests of credit policy.

The capital spending credits with pluriannual and their funding, with a total of 1.800.000 euros, will be included in the respective budgets when they drafted the corresponding budget bills, in accordance with article 29 of the general law on public finance.

Final provision this law comes into force the day after being published in the official bulletin of the Principality of Andorra.

Casa de la Vall, 22 September 2010 Josep Dallerès Codina, General Syndic Us the co-princes the sancionem and promulguem and let's get the publication in the official bulletin of the Principality of Andorra.

Nicolas Sarkozy Joan Enric Vives Sicília and President of the French Republic and the Bishop of Urgell Co-prince of Andorra Co-prince of Andorra