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Law 63/2010, Of 22 September, Extraordinary Credit To Cope With The Lighting Of The Rossell Forge, The Renovation Of The Heating And Buying Guides For The Museu Casa Rull De Sispony, The Acquisition Of Sai By The Locals Of ...

Original Language Title: Llei 63/2010, del 22 de setembre, de crèdit extraordinari per fer front a la il·luminació exterior de la Farga Rossell, la renovació de la calefacció i la compra d’audioguies per al museu casa Rull de Sispony, l’adquisició dels SAI per als locals de...

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Law since the General Council in its session of the 22nd September 2010 has approved the following: law 63/2010, of 22 September, extraordinary credit to cope with the lighting of the Rossell Forge, the renovation of the heating and buying guides for the museu casa Rull de Sispony, the acquisition of SAI to the local Cultural Heritage , for the Museum of the Rossell Forge and the Romanesque Andorra interpretation Centre, and the acquisition of books for the National Library collection exhibition of illustrations and the Bill to the budget for the financial year 2010 foresaw a provision to deal with the outdoor lighting of the Rossell Forge, the renovation of the heating and buying guides for the museu casa Rull de Sispony , the acquisition of SAI to the local Cultural heritage, for the Museum of the Rossell Forge and the Romanesque Andorra interpretation Centre, and the acquisition of books for the National Library collection.

La Farga Rossell was opened to the public since the end of 2002 as a center of interpretation of the history of iron. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important witnesses of the steel industry of the 19th century in Andorra, and also a key piece within the route of the iron route in the Pyrenees that he obtained, in 2004, the mention of the cultural route of the Council of Europe. La Farga Rossell fed, like other elements of our heritage, the tourist and cultural network of the country, all crossing our borders. Its worth led to the Declaration of an asset of cultural interest in the classification of monument in the annex of the law 9/2003 of the cultural heritage of Andorra.

The project of rehabilitation of the museography and included, as is logical, the outdoor lighting of architectural structures and spaces that surround it. Unfortunately, these facilities have suffered over the years leaks moisture constants that are damaged to the point that the timely repair is impossible and you have to redo an important part. This means that, currently, in the evening, the forge is almost in the dark.

While the light allows you to highlight the monument and to act as a pole of attraction, it also has a functional role that is to illuminate the exterior spaces and allow visitors safe passegin, especially in the summer when you do many activities at night.

The heating of the casa Rull was to restore and renovate to be opened to the public 10 years ago. The heating system which was installed at that time was a system of fan-coil (electric heating system for air). This system was the only one that responded to a series of criteria such as the aesthetic integration inside of spaces (since they present to the public a 19th-century museografiada House with a conventional heating system including radiators was completely anachronistic).

In none of the years, heating appliances have been screwing up, to the point that today are only a number lower operating highly to ensure reasonable temperatures. The devices have become obsolete, they have ceased to manufacture and there are no spare parts; those who still work endanger the security of the building and of the people. Thus, it is necessary to renew urgently the heating system while maintaining the criteria of integration and of respect for the monument.

However, the various heating systems that have been tested in recent months and on which he had based the forecast for this expense in the budget 2010, do not meet the requirements for the conservation of the monument, which has been chosen to replace the devices for a few of similar characteristics. This is done to avoid the passage of cables and other interventions that malmetrien the mud and lime coatings of the walls, or ceilings are wooden solers are very fragile. This new approach of heating system represents an increase of € 6,595.75 in respect of the expenditure foreseen in the budget for the financial year 2010.

As for the guides of the Casa Rull, since it was opened to the public in 2000, the Museum was equipped with a sixty guides containing content in multiple languages (4). This system should allow the cruising range of visitors and a better management of the visits, both with regard to groups of visitors and the cultural guides who have to do the presentation of this heritage.

In none of the years devices have been screwing up, have exhausted all the possibilities of repair and at present the number of gadgets that work is insufficient to meet the majority of the visits.

With regard to the SAI, the aim of this first purchase is to replace the uninterruptible power system (UPS) of Cultural Heritage to a new one in order to guarantee the maintenance and the operation of the computers of the services. Indeed, the local Cultural heritage, located on the second floor of the ITV network since the end of 1992, have a UPS which was installed that year and has, therefore, nearly 18 years. The batteries of the device have been changed several times and should be replaced by a new. The cost of this operation improves, however, the replacement of the old SAI with a new one. This device has been, well, obsolete and can no longer guarantee security with the supply of electrical energy in the event of a blackout, and neither can ensure the quality at the same time filter out the ups and downs of the electrical voltage. This endangers the safety of the twenty computers are connected and the information saved.

With regard to the replacement of the SAI of the Rossell Forge, the device that is installed in the Museum also has become obsolete, as it dates back to the year 2002, and endangers the electronic devices that command the museography of the forge. About SAI that you want to install in the Museum of the Romanesque Andorra's Pal, it is worth noting that during the year 2009 there was to Stick an electrical power outage caused by a heavy storm. This hack was hurt a number of electronic devices that command the museography as they were not connected to any uninterruptible power system. The installation of a UPS of small size allow you to secure the devices and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Regarding the acquisition of books for the National Library collection, it must be said that the extension of the National bibliographic heritage is part of the functions of the National Library and is one of its priority objectives. The research and the acquisition of all types of old publications of Andorra is of vital importance for the cultural and historical value that represents all and that depends on the offer that is on the market of the antique dealers, the old booksellers or the Internet. On the other hand, the acquisition of recent books and serial publications are absolutely necessary to keep alive and the current collections.

When the General Council does not approve the general budget Law, as in the case of this year, the Executive can not cope with the cost of real investment, with the exception of the costs of investment provided for in the draft budget, pending approval and that had been approved with the character of long-term costs and that the head of Government, with the prior agreement of the Government , can put into effect.

As a result, the Government does not have credits to cope with the cost of real investment mentioned, which are encrypted in 78,847.35 euros, of which 6,595.75 euros were not provided for in the draft budget for 2010, due to the new approach of heating system of the casa Rull, mentioned above.

Seen that the character of urgency and necessity of the expenditure on investment concept is justified by the following facts: in the Rossell Forge are in the dark and that boggles the visitor step and affects the activities that you do. The current installations of heating of the casa Rull de Sispony which still run endanger the security of the building and of the people, as the daytime temperature during the winter in the interior of the building varies between 8 C ° and 13 C °. These temperatures are not suitable for visitors of the Museum, as neither are for the conservation of the building and the collections that are stored. If you do not renew the guides of the Museum of the casa Rull cannot cater for the visitors, and the Department of Cultural Heritage does not have enough guides for guided tours. The acquisition of books for the background of the National Library will collect the material resulting from the search for publications of Andorra.

Seen the report of the General intervention;

Seen the governmental agreement of 27 May 2010;

Article 1 approves an extraordinary credit for a total amount of 78,847.35 euros, for budgetary as well: Cultural Heritage Department, 560-561 property and ethnological heritage protection Area-60320 electrical-PROJ-0031 monuments protection Environments, for an amount of € 44,195.75 Cultural Heritage Department, 560-562 Heritage Area furniture and Museums – 61310 Replacement and improvement materials and equipment-PROJ-0019 dissemination of museums , for an amount of € 15,251.60 Cultural Heritage Department, 560-562 Heritage Area furniture and Museums – 60310 installations, heating and air conditioning-PROJ-0019 dissemination of museums, for a total of €,00 11.150 560 563-Cultural Heritage Department of the National Library of Andorra-60810 cultural facility-PROJ-0066 National Library, for an amount of 8,250.00 euros.

Article 2 This extraordinary credit is financed by budgetary 220 Department of budget and expenses and financial operations 221-Heritage-PROJ-0009-public debt Interest 30000 of public debt, for a total of 78,847.35 euros.

Final provision this law comes into force the day after being published in the official bulletin of the Principality of Andorra.

Casa de la Vall, 22 September 2010 Josep Dallerès Codina, General Syndic Us the co-princes the sancionem and promulguem and let's get the publication in the official bulletin of the Principality of Andorra.

Nicolas Sarkozy Joan Enric Vives Sicília and President of the French Republic and the Bishop of Urgell Co-prince of Andorra Co-prince of Andorra