Animal Identification 2010

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INo.18 ol20l0 431



ADpoinhenr ofRegisbff ofAninll ldentificlrion ud oihc!


6. Cmpukory di@l idatilieiion
7. Applidion for Rghhrion of idenrification @k
3. PE$ib.d iddlitcaiion nsls
9. Validity ofidcrtincltion frark
l0 RenMl otidcrtili€rion mrk
ll Dutia ofoMed ofriDals
l2 Tturferof idenrification ndt
ll Crelldion ofenti€c ofFgisrion of id.nrifiarion mart
l4 Registnlionof nd[insop.Elos

16 Publicarion of copj$of R.gidd
l7 us ofiddtific.ion md* by u'ullorisd p.rson
l3 Ofcncos relared .o ha*in[ oluinals
19 Apt6k


24. Transnional pblisions in rcldioi to exisling c.njficar.s of

siBtc .qb, of'^E td nq * obbh,atrc


Amhat kl.df'.ahad lNo,28 or20l0 4J3


No. 23 o12010

r)a€ ofA$.nr l4th AueN! 2010
A. Ad rd pmeid. for6.Fli nlio!of.!iE.Iid.trlifidtlo!

Drrkrdrrrllrgop.nto6;povld.for&erppoi m.!l
of tn. Regntnr of AriErl ld.trrificrtioni lo rcperl r.d
Epl.c. tb€ Bnldr A.l, l9ll; r.d pmyid€ for nrrt€r!
coDrst.d *ht, or imjd.Dt l ro, rhe forugoitrg.

[] 6th Au36r, 2010

ENACTED by lhe Peli@enr of zmbia. ed*,hdt


1. Tiis Aci miy b€ cibd s &e Animal ld.nlilicdion Ac! si"" 'rL

!. In rhisAcr, unlessrhe co.rext othcNise requircF

'' sninalidentificarior " nems a medod dfidcnrilyingm
6imal 6ing meihods +prcv.d by de Re8isar;

" das ' mms rhc dcss of an onim.l, ed include
pdr ofa cr6s, sd rhe near, bonc. hidc, skin, ii3ther,
hoof, ho6, ofal or otie. pd oJ m ann.l;

" cenificat. ofr.ghliatior " o.ans ih. cenificare of
regi$.tion ofan id.itincaiion md* issucd under *rion

'' Det!ry RogGhlr " meos $. peBon appoinGd 6 Dcputy
Registuof Aninal Idenrifi dlionundorscolion/or;

''idenritarionDek mems m idenlificarim @k Egiercd
undostion r*,lq d,e pDeoe ofidmdrying rhc siel
blr dds not includ. .ny-

434 No.28 of2010l

/a./ msrt mde or on lhc fiom or hooli

/,.) mdk madc wirh p8int on d diml;
a.) clap, ;v.t or bs atbched ro rh. !,r, or a mek

rudc o. such chsP, rird or ras; or
(/l norch or h.lcj

'' men " mdr ro pl.c. or coll*r an idotifimriM ndk on

"Mkinginshlment Nffi rinshmdtus.dorintod.d
ro b. 4cd for mekins minals;

'' propietoi ' mrus rhe .esis.ored propri.ror of an

" Regisbr " m.ans lhc R.giner Efered ro uds s.crion

'' R.gistlr " mems Il. pe6on appoinred 6 inc R*i*d ol
Aninsl lde inca onundersrion r.

3, Trris Act appiies in rcspecr of dinals declarcd by d.
Miniie. by nolice in Ine Gdsre.

4, Tie Public SeRi.e Commission !&ll appoint, s puhlic
dticc6, a Rceistu ofAnitul ld.nlifrcation, Deplq Regisnls ol
Animrl lden(ifi€tion rid sucn other $dT 'ihin th. Mninryrcsp.nsible for livesbck d.vdopnenr, * shrll be n*esary for
$e proper sdninistaridn ofthis Act.

5, (l) Tre Resista na!, on d'e authorit of aw3jml issled
under !$$crion (2), conduct s inve$igarion r. dcrsmine 'h.rh.r
rhc provisio.s of rhh Act rE beins o' h've been complied *irb,
sd dan for dEr purpos. dunng nomal olfice houB and *ilhour

lr, c er upon my prde, prcnses or conveysce !n, or !pon,
lhich dr R4i*a na rdonablc ground. to b.lid.
k plred or is beins kepr ant animl, .,rcs3 ot lride of
my dimal, ndkinS infindt, cqlifi€t ddeulM!
or resisre' olndtinS opemtos in respst of'hich dris

lDl clip o. orheRis remove hait fi.o sy mimal, cdcN
or hide i! order ro facilibe ?xrmin on for dinal
identti€rion: ed

f./ sirc dy ri'ral or obj6r in 6per of*hich dre Rasidd
hd esonable gDunds ro believe fiatrhhAct hs hem

lNo.28or20l0 4Js

(?) A Nmnr Erded to in subsectioD ( I ) shau be issuei by a
nasishre who hdjuisdiction in rh. der in rhich tlE pl.ce or
f".il'a',qu6D.' sisdal. r ir dpprb htrm rbmanon on oao
rhlr rherc e Ea$uble gmudr b o..r\. rfd rn) nsbr
\ub.b ., spplis(.. bNt. \bremflr oI dtrurmr Lhd d.)


to ! .onhvention ofthh Act is in or npon such pl&e or fa.ility.
(3) wn* no c.ininrr pceedinss @ insljNd in mnnerion

Pirh any nen seized unds subsrion (1), or if ir appeee l6ar
such irem k nor requircd ol dy kial ld rhc pDrp.$ ot
M oderof coun, rhe Regitu shallrcnn $rr kEm s smn 6
posible ro the p.rson frcm qhon it ms seizd.

(4) And the onclusim ofciniml, d iten sizd
puBurnr b subsecrion (l) .nd shich s.ryed as m rxiibir in
pMedines in which a psson v6 convided, sh?U be handed ov.r
b lne RcgiM ro b. dstuy.n or oiheflise deoliwith tr intuctd

(5) The Registr may delegde ro s oficd oy ofdre p.we
ofrhe ReginBr uderrhis secrion.

/J) Jelr'J\ o, oh\h.E rl-r q,egbrar

oe n.'.ne ofrle
Regnrtr\ po*cu;


ro sir $e R-gb@.ucn 'csnrbl.

as rho Reghtar may requnc f.r rh€ turpdse ol
cxercisins tne Resistu's powesi or

4., aiver rhe Relista fsls or nisl.rdirg infoftrtioD in
answer ro an inquiry madc by lhe R.gistrat

.omn irsr olTen.. rnd \ lBb.e. Lpancon!nkon. ro 3 rreno
*..edineNohr-dred douindp€ndlD' ro rmpnsonmcd
ibr a p.rid ior exc.edins No yeas. orto boill


6. (l) {n oqe' ofm d'mdlsFtllaa s rnimdl qith d
idctrification nsk in accordmce w ith de provis ions of rh is Acr

(-l A pfton sho -on'm\eres .ubsc.ror rrJ cormirs r
orfsce ard is lbble, upon conviclion, to . Ude iot qcedin! sixty
$ousd Fn.l9 uir oio inpdem.n! fora pcnod notrcding

'. ll) Anomerofmrn'nrl.hallupl) io' fie r8trnlor of
m idenrificdio. mark b rhe Regisd in de pEsoribcd manner
od fom upon p.ymenr of rhe prescriSed fee.

(2) The Rcei@ sh.ll, rheE m rpplidrion for dE rcgishrion
ors id.nrifi cdon m"rtomphsl'rh ft .Eqo'men' of fi h AJ

,136 No. 28 of 20t01

aa.)ic8i* ifidtidtsJkrotnclpplicdri

irt issu. $e appltrdt ' '$ ' enili.d. of Egrsmlion

identrfi crnon ndk in $e Pd*ibed lom

rlr Thc R.c*ts shcll, wher. rh. R.gEr r rei"k s
appl'@non ror;sifrd'onord idmrnsnd Mr' srom dE
applicurs.ordinsb dd si!. rh. rdonro.rdoL

(4) A .d' fi(rc of cgiralion sh all t* prtda luLiz 'rid'ncc
$;ihe arsnnlhcemned,e id.ihfi a .dmar]. krsiiered
h.iddingrh. p€riod sh(M In $e(nrncft.lneeKlusiv' riSh ionma^

s. NoNirn.anding sccrion reven rhe Minisr'r m!, bv
stotory insru.nt pftscnbe $e iddlification Mks in E er
of eachircup of mimth b which nrks mav be all@al.n nnd'r

9, An id.nifialio! mark $ valid lor a p'riod of fNe vces
lom the dare of ns !1lo€!or'

I0. (rl A popndor of d idsf ncrion md* miv rhRnonhe
belorerhc.rpiryor $elrr'd'q of $eidmlifila'ionmdr apprvro
dc Resiske lor rhe rcnts, oflhc idenrifi(dion maa 'n

prBurib.d hainer rd rom

(2) Th. Reshtrs shall, uPon soiPr ofs applislion under
subeciio. ( I I ud wheE rhe aptli$rion o*a such rcqurstnb
6 ma! bc prescnbed, rcm* ft. ide.rifi€tion na&

It {l) An o{ner ofan 3limal shall -
/,j apply ror d. rcsGhrion of.n id'niificati'n n&k undd

rt) mdk thc rimtl itr rhe p.sonbed nmei
/.) lhere d id.ntiicarion ndk on m minal is invisibl€ or

indhrind. nd lno anidll cl'rlv with rhd pc6on s
iddtificarid ffikl ud

fr'l roriry d. Resistar in w ins ol uv chsses of rhat
Pets\ rddrc$

(2) A penon sh8u not sell. bd.r,
mannei disposof an mimtl unlests

f,l such Nimal hs ben mrkd
*irh lhe idenificarion m{k

Ol rhar p€don tumish.s rh. Rogistt rim deils of rh'

lNo.l8ol20l0 437

(3) A p.non acquning s einal Aon. persn dhposinA of
o minal udcr subwtio' (2) shall Ebh rhe d@nmenr of tusfer
.bbined lian thar p.rcon fo. ! pftiod of one rar

12, An omer ofa dinllwilh d iddrifi€rion ma*Egie.ftd
under dis Act may apply ro the Registtr for 6e tusfs of the
id.ntift€lior me* b aorie. p.6on in tne pFs.ib€d msn r ud
fom upon prynent of rhe Dresdb€d fc..

13, (l) An oMs ofd idcntification ndk ftay ruffidf
$e idedification nek sd rh: R%iss may, upon receipr of a
notic. thcrcof, canc.l lh. .c iticare of EghlBlion oflh.

(2) Th. R.giskd shau cdcel ihe €nific'tc ofregisl€lion of
!n id.nlification met i$ued u erd,isAotil

rr,/ rhe holder of rhc cedifica& of rrgisraiio' obbined fie
certifi c!re throush f.rud, or
concealnor ofa nar.rial arcti

l}.) !h. validiiy of lne ccdincab of Egistltion expireq or
/..) Ihe hdld.r of th. cedificat ofresistdion connns d

ofience under rhh Ad or ary orhd la*
14, (l) ApeMnqhd*,orhcrrhdlhar

p.sonk animrh, for finrcial sdn shall apply to the Regisdd for
rgistrrtion s a m4king opemlor in rh. trescribed nmner dd
fom upoo pdldcnr ofrh. pEscribed f..

(2) Thc Regnrr shall, *here rn applicarion emplies Rid
th. Equ iEmcits o I rhis Act, rc8isr.r rh. rppl i6l s a nt

(l) A msking opeBror shall mdnbin sd keep a reshb of
mimak ftdked by die nrrking opealor in ihe presoibed nanner

(4) Thc Reaistar sharr, wh.!e d'c Reeislrr r.rect an
applidid fomgbhrian a. na*in3.p.dtd, inlomrhe lppli@t
aGordinsly aid give rhe i.6on! there fo.

15. (l) The RceGbu shall keep ud minrain . Reaisre. of
all idhtific.lion Do*s dd sntine apctabB fgislered uderlnis

{2) The Register shall b€ kept in the cNody of the Regista.
ind shall b. op.n for inspeotion by ncnbeE oi t]'e public durin8

t6- (l) lhe R€gGttr shrll cause mpies ofrhe ReSftrer and
ary alt.siioB fierai ar addirio.s tnerero, b b. pnded 8nd
plblish.d in. dailyne$spap.rofgensal circubiion in nbia.

4J3 No,13 or2010l

(2) Slbjed ro rhi s Act ! copy ofli. ld publtuhcd md pri td
Regidershlll b€ evid.nerdnisibl. in all legll psceedingsof
Nhat is con$ined in thar Resi$er and rhe absenc€ of an
idonrifrcarion n.r* ircn rhar op), sMll b. prru s/4k ovidcncc
dlat rhe idcnrilimtion mdk n mt t3'sreftd.

17. a peso!, not b.in3 ihe 'esiJered
prcplietor ofd

identilication mar* ald not .ctiig snh $e atrhoriry of sucn
pDprielor, Nho impor.s or causd to b. inposed upon m animal,
$e rcgisleEd idenrification mdk or an umgisleEd idenrifictrion
m0* oomits ar ofrene rd is lidle, up.n conviction, to a nne
nor .xceedins rhic. hnDdred tholsaDd penrliy unis or to
imp.ico*..! lor r peiod nor .vre.ding Inrc., o! !. bnrh

13. (l) A penon thr
f,/ mrks.r allo*s ii animd b be ntked wilh r ma*

vhichisnot idenrilic.lion aalk E8isteEd unda this

(rl m..ks or allows ,n $insl td b. marked Qirh an
id. ifrdion Mk *irhoulrhe aulndidid ofrhc o*rer
of such ideirifi cation ma*i

/.1 marks o. allors an animal !o b. m3r*ed wnh an
idcniiicarion fr5rk ofie ne ihan in $e pr6cribed

f4 msrks or allows an rnim.l to b. marked wnh an
de illcarion mek which n registered in rhe name ota
prno0 *ho is nor thc owner of the aninali

ldlns*sorallo*smmim bben rked viIn m identifrerior
ffi(*hich n dr P'*ibal i&niidionnrk in r€$dr
ofL\egrcupro ich rhe miml bclong'; or

(, u$ sore lnrn one ideirificariu Bdt in rcsPed oflhe
snc 8rcnp otanimols, nnle$ ln. r.gjsnlion ofall dr.
id..rinmlon nrks wd obilired under ihis Acr;

comirs e ofld€ dd h lioblc, opod &iviclion, ta a fine ndt
exaeding drc hudred rhoNd ps'aliy units oio impiemenr
lor r period nol ex.ecdin! $re, or ro brh


P) hrs in rh'r pedon\ posesion an lninal rhar is nor
narked in accorddcc virh, or in a n

f./ ahe6, nutilats or sncds s iddification mdk o0 e

INo.28or20l0 .ll9

rdl $llr ro any pe6on an minrl on which M idenrificatior
nark has been altcrcd, Dulilar.d or csceued;

m onirr or pchr ann.' n 'h..\(ution olfiF ofr, n\ o' pol'ce olI*'l durie. o
po*e6 undq rhir Acti

O Lil. or rf,e) roprcdu!.. $!en rq-ird unde-ihi.A, I
bythe Resituorspoliceoniceriodo$.&yditu
ororhrlninginrl penon.po$.$.onorudeirha.

fg, dte^ a c.nificate ofqistalior issu.d und.r rhis Acr;
rrl fails b conply wnh, or conravenes, uy p@vGion ofdir

/,) in m) ,rpliarion md. in rlne of oB Ac,, h,r.r d
causes ro be n.d. I sbremenr whici h fat*i

,) aalsely holds o.eselfod io bc lhc R.gitu or d omccr
appoved und* rhk Act! or

GrDarksanimaklorfinocirle.inwnhou! b€insEgisrered

comEiis !n offen* ad is lhblc, upon convicrion, to a finend
cxcccding rro hundred lhousd penalt unib or ro inprisonmenr
fo.ap.riod nor ex..cdirsrwo]e, orroborh.

19. (l) A peson *ho is aggi.ved rirh a decision otrhe
^ppdDRe3isrdr uider rhis Ad oay, sirhii rfi9 drls of receiving the

decision, apD€d ro$eMinisrei
(2) Ape6orwhoisagsri.v.d*irhadeisioiofrheMinisr.r

uMer strbsedidn (l) na]. wnhin rhiny days ofreceiving rhe
dccirion, appealro 6he Htgh Coun.

6.N€R^L PTonJoNs

20. lnarylcgalpro.eni.ssaedincarorsmpurcrpiinrolr i"d--
purponing to I'ave b.en issued by nre Rogisrm rcglrding rho
r.giststior, oi lh. tmfs or cancelhtion.fihe resi3h.idn, ofrD
idcnrifi.o!ion mark und.r !hk d, or rhe owre^hip of,tr
idsDrifidrion mnq or a) otnsFdictrlm mnbinai ir rhe Regid.ri
shali upon produclion in such plceedin4sbe prituld;. .rilLi..

21. On rho tialofa pc^on *ho is apprehend.d in posesion Bui.iot
ofddimalmekedwirhaEgisteEdidenrificarionndlqacmr$ troo'
or pds of a cass *irhour any idenliitelioi md up.r prcof
beng Siven ofrhe oM.rship ofsuch simal and rbar a lhen ft.Edf
ha bei conBi&d. rhe onus olpr&frhat such mim:l *as ladnlly
orinnoe ly in lnar peFn\ paession shallEd upon 6e a€used

4,O No, 18 o( 20101

22. (l) The Minh&r mrt by iabiory insrrus. , nak
regulition for tlE bce. errying ou! oftne Prcvisio's ofrhisAcr'

{2) wilhour prejldi* to rh. senedlfty or $bslion ( 1), rh.
Fsnl.rions sode pursuur to rhal rbsrion my povide for

ful lh foms in which applicatials for sd cedificir.s ol
rghrrdion shau b€ d.d.;

(t) rhe fom ed lMner ofsiving my notic. requned by lhis

fdlh.fmin*dichdyte{erofth.ful bhyE8ine'ld
iden.ifietion ma& shall b..ff4ledi

f4 the sih, shap., patem md conposilion of id.nlifrc.tion

a,) lhe si4, lhaF and .onsLrdio. ornrkins intuma;
f, the aB! shich mimk siolld havc atuined b€forc lnoy

f&) ihc mmer in !hch, tne pds on whi.h ind lhc dardiil
with shich aninah shall or nrt nor b€ narkedl

O/ th.cordirions on *hioh d omer of&inals my obhin
the rcgkbarion olnotc rhan one identificatior nrk in
resp..t ol tie sme soup of;

f;./ th. f€s ro be paid mder lne povisiotu of rhir Acr;
,.) rhe sysen md pr@edurc ro b€ by rh? Resisnr

in lllsalins idn.ification maks: md
/}.) rnlning Nhich may be r.qli€d lor rhe h€ter crn-aing

inro eff*t of lne prcvisions of rhis Acl.
12) Th. Minind nay oate difierent regllttions in rospect of kinds of identificdionnsks, difierenr goupsof minak

(3) Strch rcgularions nay impose a p.nalty tot exeeditrg No
hundad mouwd p.mhy unit for my ths@for, in d.f.ulr
of payoenl of such finc, ifrpi$nmmr for a pedod nol cxcedin8

23. ti.AdndsAc! l9lr, k Ep€l.d

24. (r) Ap€sonwhoholdsadificaleof rcgislrotioni$!cd
under the ftpeal.d Act shrll, wi$in a p€dod ofonc yc,r fm lho ofrhh Acr. rpPly ro the DiEci.i far a edificarc
ofEgisiration of in iddlincatdn n&k, it ieodd€ Mrh rbt

(2) For lhc avoidan€ of doubr, rll cedifidr€s of egindion
i$uedunddlh.rcpelledAcrsh leac10bculidoneyeraier
rhe comeiccmc't ot $6 Acr.