§55-371. Time-share instrument for project

Published: 2015

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§ 55-371. Time-share instrument for project.

In addition to the requirements of § 55-367, the time-share instrument for a time-share use program shall prescribe and outline reasonable arrangements for the management and operation of the time-share use program and for the maintenance, repair, and furnishing of time-share use units comprising same, which arrangements shall include, but need not be limited to, provisions for the following:
1. Standards and procedures for upkeep, repair and interior furnishing of time-share use units, for the replacements of such furnishings, and for providing maid, cleaning, linen, and similar services to the units during use and occupancy periods;
2. Adoption of standards and rules of conduct governing the use, enjoyment, and occupancy of time-share use units by owners;
3. Payment by the developer of the costs and expenses of operating the time-share use program and owning and maintaining the time-share use units comprising it;
4. Selection of a managing agent to act for and on behalf of the developer should the developer elect not to undertake the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of the management of the time-share use program;
5. Procedures for establishing the rights of time-share use owners to occupancy, use, and enjoyment of time-share use units by prearrangement or under a first-reserved, first-served priority system;
6. Procedures for imposing and collecting regular and/or special assessments, maintenance, or use fees from time-share use owners as necessary to defray all time-share expenses and in providing materials and services to the units, as herein required of the developer;
7. Comprehensive general liability insurance for death, bodily injury, and property damage arising out of, or in connection with, the occupancy, use, and enjoyment of time-share use units by time-share use owners, their guests, and other users. The costs associated with securing and maintaining such insurance shall be a time-share expense. Nothing herein shall be construed to obligate the developer to secure insurance on the conduct of the time-share use owners, their guests and other users, or the personal effects or property of such owners, guests, and users;
8. Methods for providing compensating or alternate use periods or monetary compensation to a time-share use owner if a time-share use unit cannot be made available for the period to which the owner is entitled by schedule or by a confirmed reservation; and
9. Procedures for imposing a monetary penalty or suspension of a time-share use owner's rights and privileges in the time-share use program or project or termination of the time-share use itself for failure of the time-share use owner to comply with the provisions of the time-share use instrument, the rules and regulations established by the developer with respect to the occupancy, use and enjoyment of the time-share use units, or the failure to pay the charges imposed by the developer against the time-share use owner for providing the materials and services as herein required of the developer. Except in matters where the time-share use owner has failed to pay the charge imposed by the developer for a period of less than sixty days after it has become due and payable, the owner shall be given notice and the opportunity to be heard.
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