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Published: 2015

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The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through November 15, 2015







As used in OAR 850-010-0010 to 850-060-0226 unless otherwise required by context:
(1) "Board" means Oregon State Board of Naturopathic Medicine.
(2) "Diagnosis" is a determination by a licensed naturopathic physician of the nature and etiology of a disease by the use of all recognized and accepted physical and laboratory examinations, which includes the drawing of blood and taking specimens of body fluids and tissues for microscopic and chemical analysis.
(3) ”Direct Supervision" means that a licensed Naturopathic physician is physically present in the clinic, is monitoring and directly responsible for activities of supervised person, and is available to intervene if necessary.
(4) "Food" is any organic substance taken into the body which helps maintain life, builds or repairs tissue, and sustains growth. This includes the use of enzymes, minerals, vitamins (either in trace amounts or megodoses) and any food products or extracts however processed, refined, or concentrated.
(5) "Lesion" refers to any pathological or traumatic change to human tissue or impairment of a bodily function.
(6) "Naturopathy" or "Naturopathic Medicine" is defined as a system of diagnosing and treating the human body and maintaining or restoring it to a state of normal health, as defined in ORS Chapter 685, and in such other sections thereof as may apply.
(7) "Non-Poisonous Plant Substance" is any plant substance, taken in accepted therapeutic dosages, which would not, by its action on organs or tissue, seriously impair function or destroy life.
(8) "Patient" means any person who is examined, treated, or otherwise provided naturopathic medical services, whether or not the person has entered into a physician-patient relationship or has agreed to pay a fee for services.
(9) "Plant Substances" are those substances found in nature which impart therapeutic or medicinal properties and are used as medicines or as ingredients in medicines. They comprise the whole plant, herbs, anatomical parts, saps, extracts, secretions, and other constituents thereof. Their natural state may be altered by any mechanical, physical, or chemical process
(10) "Poisonous Plant Substances" The Board considers any of the following to be poisonous plant substances: Coniine, Delphinine, Muscarine, Oleandrin, and Strychnine.
(11) "Prescription" is a written or verbal order for the prescribing or dispensing of non-poisonous plant substances as taught in approved schools and given in standard medical dosages. Naturopathic physicians shall be allowed to prescribe and dispense non-poisonous plant substances.
(12) "Preventive" as used in ORS 685 and OAR 850, is defined as the branch of medicine concerned with preventing the occurrence of both mental and physical illness and disease. Preventive medicine encompasses preventing the development of disease in a susceptible or potentially susceptible population including general promotion of health and specific protection such as immunization; early diagnosis and prompt therapy to shorten duration of illness, reduce the severity of disease, reduce the possibility of contagion, and limit sequelae;
(13) "Superficial" as used in ORS 685.010(4) Minor Surgery refers to lacerations, abrasions, benign lesions, foreign bodies and wounds which involve the skin, mucosa, and subcutaneous tissue to a depth of the deep superficial fascia, and which do not involve vital deep structure such as major nerves, major tendons, major blood vessels and bone or viscera.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 685.125

Stats. Implemented: ORS 685.010

Hist.: NE 3, f. 8-26-66; NE 4, f. 10-9-67; NE 1-1980, f. & ef. 9-11-80; NE 2-1984, f. & ef. 2-28-84; NE 3-1984(Temp), f. & ef. 12-13-84; NE 2-1992, f. & cert. ef. 7-28-92; BNE 4-2000, f. & cert. ef. 12-6-00; BNE 1-2007, f. & cert. ef. 6-12-07; BNE 4-2008, f. & cert. ef. 6-11-08
850-010-0010 [Renumbered to 850-030-0010]
850-010-0030 [Renumbered to 850-030-0030]
850-010-0035 [Renumbered to 850-030-0035]
850-010-0040 [Renumbered to 850-030-0040]
850-010-0055 [Renumbered to 850-030-0055]
850-010-0060 [Renumbered to 850-030-0060]
850-010-0070 [Renumbered to 850-030-0070]
850-010-0080 [Renumbered to 850-030-0080]
850-010-0090 [Renumbered to 850-030-0090]
Mode of Remittance
(1) The remittance of any application fee, license fee, or yearly renewal fee shall be made by postal money order, postal certificates, express money order, bank draft, or certified check.
(2) The Secretary shall be under no obligation to accept personal checks; however, he may accept them subject to collection only.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 685

Stats. Implemented:

Hist.: NE 2, f. 6-7-59
850-010-0110 [Renumbered to 850-030-0110]
850-010-0120 [Renumbered to 850-050-0120]
850-010-0130 [Renumbered to 850-050-0130]
850-010-0140 [Renumbered to 850-050-0140]
850-010-0150 [Renumbered to 850-050-0150]
State Industrial Accident Cases
Naturopathic physicians may accept injured workers who are employed under the provisions of the State Industrial Accident Commission, in conformance with the Workers' Compensation Law and the rules of committee.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 685

Stats. Implemented:

Hist.: NE 2, f. 6-7-59
State Welfare Cases
Naturopathic physicians may accept welfare cases under the medical plan adopted by the Welfare Commission, April 26, 1946.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 685

Stats. Implemented:

Hist.: NE 2, f. 6-7-59
850-010-0175 [Renumbered to 850-005-0175]
It shall be the object of the Board to foster higher professional standards as rapidly as is consistent with the best interests of the profession, and in this, it shall not be swayed or influenced by any school or other interests whatsoever.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 685

Stats. Implemented:

Hist.: NE 2, f. 6-7-59
850-010-0185 [Renumbered to 850-005-0185]
850-010-0190 [Renumbered to 850-050-0190]
850-010-0195 [Renumbered to 850-030-0195]
850-010-0210 [Renumbered to 850-040-0210]
850-010-0212 [Renumbered to 850-060-0212]
850-010-0215 [Renumbered to 850-060-0215]
850-010-0220 [Renumbered to 850-060-0220]
850-010-0225 [Renumbered to 850-060-0225]
850-010-0226 [Renumbered to 850-060-0226]
850-010-0230 [Renumbered to 850-035-0230]

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