§2-506. Rights of financing agency

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Published: 2015

§2-506. Rights of financing agency

A financing agency, by paying or purchasing for value a draft which relates to a
shipment of goods, acquires to the extent of the payment or purchase and in addition
to its own rights under the draft and any document of title securing it any rights
of the shipper in the goods including the right to stop delivery and the shipper's
right to have the draft honored by the buyer.

The right to reimbursement of a financing agency which has in good faith honored or
purchased the draft under commitment to or authority from the buyer is not impaired
by subsequent discovery of defects with reference to any relevant document which was
apparently regular.

2009, c. 324, Pt. B, §14 (AMD);
2009, c. 324, Pt. B, §48 (AFF)


2009, c. 324, Pt. B, §14 (AMD).
2009, c. 324, Pt. B, §48 (AFF).
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