Student Records Policy

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Published: 2015

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Student Records Procedures
(1) Student records are maintained for the purpose of preserving a permanent record of the academic achievement and progress of the student at Eastern Oregon University (EOU). For a limited period, other information pertaining to the student's attendance and academic progress, is also maintained.
(2) Only such records as are demonstrably and substantially relevant to the educational and related purposes of EOU are generated or maintained.
(3) The official academic student records are located in the Registrar's Office and are under the supervision of the Registrar.
(4) There are three categories of official student records maintained:
(a) Records of Academic Achievement include those personal biographic and academic items relating to admission, transcripts, enrollment, courses taken, credits earned, GPA, and degree(s) received. The academic records are kept permanently;
(b) Health Records include the physical examination record and outpatient records of student visits to the Student Health Service. These records are confidential and are only made available to any other professional/institution by written student request (forms available in the Student Health Service). Such records are kept indefinitely -- or as specified by the State Archivist;
(c) Personal Records include information kept by the institution concerning the student and furnished by the student or by others on his or her behalf at the institution's request. Application for admission and supporting documents, various correspondence, as well as other information about the individual may also be included. Personal records are retained in accordance with institutional needs or as specified by the state records retention schedules.
(5) Information contained in the student records is deemed confidential and access is restricted to the student and, upon approval of the Registrar, to the faculty and administrative officers of the institution in performance of their assigned responsibilities. The records may not be released to any other person or agency except if authorized in writing by the student or upon receipt of the subpoena or other court order. These restrictions do not apply to records more than 25 years old.
(6) Certain public information may be released from the student records without the student's consent. Such unrestricted access applies to the following:
(a) Directory Information -- Name; *municipality (city, state); telephone number and EOU email address; dates of attendance and current class standing; major field(s) of study, degrees, honors, and awards received, including dates; participation in officially recognized activities; and height and weight of students representing EOU Athletics. Each student may request in writing, that the above information will not be released to parents or anyone else requesting the information, except in cases of proven emergency. Students who want the above information withheld from public release must submit a written, signed notification to the Registrar's Office each term of attendance. The Dean of Enrollment Services or other university official may release otherwise restricted directory information if an emergency occurs wherein contact with the student is imperative;
(b) Objective evidence of a student's academic achievement, limited to degree(s) earned.
(7) Student records kept by divisions are considered to be unofficial. They are confidential and are available to institutional personnel in order to fulfill their official and professional responsibilities.
(8) Regulations and recommendations governing the maintenance and use of the student records are set forth by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and may be referred to in Administrative Rules, Section 34.000 on file in the Records Office. ORS 351.065 also concerns student records.
(9) The Registrar shall draft the necessary regulations and rules to enforce the policy as herein described. These regulations shall be processed by administrative approval prior to posting.
*mailing address may be used for institutional business and may include third party entities in order to fulfill University program needs.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.065

Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070

Hist.: EOSC 2-1979, f. & ef. 6-27-79; EOSC 9-1979, f. & ef. 10-12-79; EOSC 4-1995, f. & cert. ef. 2-16-95; EOU 6-2008, f. & cert. ef. 9-15-08

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