§3906-C. Animal Welfare Advisory Council

Link to law: http://legislature.maine.gov/legis/statutes/7/title7sec3906-C.html
Published: 2015

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§3906-C. Animal Welfare Advisory Council

The Animal Welfare Advisory Council, as established by Title 5, section 12004-I, subsection
2-C and referred to in this section as the "council," shall advise the commissioner
on matters pertaining to animal welfare. [2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR).]

1. Membership. 
The council consists of 14 members appointed by the Governor as follows:

A. One member representing municipal interests; [2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR).]

B. One animal control officer; [1991, c. 779, §10 (NEW).]

C. One member representing licensed animal shelters; [1991, c. 779, §10 (NEW).]

D. One member representing licensed boarding kennels; [2009, c. 333, §1 (AMD).]

E. One member representing licensed pet shops; [1995, c. 502, Pt. C, §13 (AMD).]

F. [2001, c. 399, §3 (RP).]

G. One member who is or has been a veterinarian licensed to practice in the State; [2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR).]

H. One member who owns a pet and represents the interests of the public in animal welfare, generally; [2009, c. 333, §1 (AMD).]

I. One attorney with experience in animal welfare law; [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

J. One cooperative extension agent or specialist; [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

K. One member with expertise in equine care; [2003, c. 405, §4 (AMD).]

L. One member with expertise in livestock representing a statewide farming organization; [2009, c. 333, §1 (AMD).]

M. One member representing a state-based animal advocacy group; [2009, c. 333, §1 (AMD).]

N. One member who holds a kennel license issued under section 3923-C; and [2009, c. 333, §1 (NEW).]

O. One member representing licensed breeding kennels. [2009, c. 333, §1 (NEW).]

In making the appointment of the veterinarian member, the Governor shall consider
nominations made by the Maine Veterinary Medical Association. In making the appointment of the person holding a kennel license issued under section
3923-C, the Governor shall consider nominations made by state-based dog clubs.

2009, c. 333, §1 (AMD)

2. Staff.  
The department shall provide necessary staffing services to the council.

2009, c. 343, §1 (AMD)

3. Compensation. 
Members of the council are entitled to travel and meal expenses only.

2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR)

4. Terms of office. 
Except for initial appointees, each member serves for a term of 3 years or until the member's successor has been appointed. A member may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms. In the case of a vacancy for
any reason, the Governor shall appoint a member representing the same interest to
fill the unexpired term.

2009, c. 343, §2 (AMD)

5. Initial terms of office. 
Initially, 4 appointed members serve for one year, 4 members serve for 2 years and
3 members serve for 3 years.

2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR)

6. Administration; meetings. 
The council shall elect one of its members as chair. The chair serves for a 2-year
period and may not serve as chair for consecutive 2-year periods.

The council shall hold regular public meetings every other month but may waive by
majority vote a succeeding meeting. The chair shall call special meetings of the
council whenever requested in writing by 2 or more members. The council shall send
notice and minutes of the meetings to the joint standing committee of the Legislature
having jurisdiction over animal welfare matters.

2001, c. 399, §3 (RPR)

7. Duties. 
The council shall perform the following duties:

A. Review and advise the commissioner on proposed revisions to the animal welfare laws
and rules; [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

B. Assist the commissioner in the continuing implementation and evaluation of the animal
welfare laws and rules; [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

C. Review training programs for humane agents and animal control officers and make
recommendations for training appropriate to the duties of the humane agents and animal
control officers; [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

D. Research options for increasing revenue to the Animal Welfare Fund to ensure funding
for the implementation and enforcement of the animal welfare laws and rules, periodically
evaluate the adequacy of funding for those laws and rules and make recommendations
to the commissioner; and [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

E. Advise the commissioner on other matters related to the animal welfare laws and
rules. [2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW).]

2001, c. 399, §3 (NEW)


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