Chapter 22. Nutrient Management

Published: 2015

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Regulatory Provisions


Subchapter V. Enforcement, Suits for Enforcement, and Incentives

§ 2280 Enforcement; fines and penalties.
(a) Whoever violates this chapter, any rule or regulation duly promulgated thereunder, any condition of a certificate issued pursuant to this chapter or any order of the Secretary issued pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to the following fines and penalties, as well as any other remedy described elsewhere in this chapter.
(1) A civil penalty shall be imposed by the Justice of the Peace Court of not less than $25 nor more than $1,000 for each violation. Each day of continued violation shall be considered as a separate violation up to a limit of $10,000. The Justice of the Peace Court shall have jurisdiction of a violation in which a civil penalty is sought. In setting penalty amounts under this section, consideration shall be given to offsetting any economic benefit from noncompliance or any delayed or avoided costs to any person. Further, penalty assessments shall be sufficient to deter recurrence of noncompliance. If there is a substantial likelihood that noncompliance will reoccur, the Commission may recommend that the Secretary also seek a permanent or preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order in the Court of Chancery. Civil penalties imposed under this section may not be suspended.
(2) In its discretion, the Commission may recommend that the Secretary impose an administrative penalty of not more than $1,000 for each violation. Prior to assessment of an administrative penalty, written notice of the Secretary's proposal to impose such penalty shall be given to the violator, and the violator shall have 30 days from receipt of said notice to request a public hearing. Any public hearing, if requested, right of appeal and judicial appeal shall be conducted pursuant to this chapter. Assessment of an administrative penalty shall be determined by the nature, circumstances, extent and gravity of the violation or violations, ability of the violator to pay, any prior history of such violations, the degree of culpability, economic benefit or savings (if any) resulting from the violation, and such other matters as justice may require.
(b) Any expenses or civil administrative penalties collected by the Department of Agriculture under this chapter are hereby appropriated to the Department for use in assisting persons in achieving compliance or to demonstrate the application of research that may be of substantial benefit to many individuals seeking compliance with this chapter.

72 Del. Laws, c. 60, § 1.;

§ 2281 Suits for enforcement.
Any person may file suit in Chancery Court for injunctive relief against:
(1) Any person found pursuant to § 2260 of this title to have violated this chapter or regulations promulgated thereunder;
(2) The Department of Agriculture, for any alleged failure to perform any act or duty mandated to the Department under this chapter; or
(3) The Commission, for any failure to perform any act or duty mandated to the Commission under this chapter or for failure to enforce the chapter or regulations promulgated thereunder.

72 Del. Laws, c. 60, § 1.;

§ 2282 Protection from enforcement.
The Commission shall establish a list of best management practices for which funding is available from the Department and/or other local, state or federal agencies. Should any person be required under this chapter or regulations promulgated hereunder to undertake any of the activities for which funding is available and fail to receive funding due to insufficient funds available through those local, state or federal agencies, the Commission shall not begin any enforcement action under § 2280 of this title until such funding becomes available; provided, however, that the owner-operator must accept the first available funding after a period of 3 years, dated from nutrient management plan acceptance.

72 Del. Laws, c. 60, § 1.;