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Michigan Election Law (Excerpt) Act 116 Of 1954

Published: 2015

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Act 116 of 1954

168.668a Voter information displays.

Sec. 668a.

(1) The secretary of state shall furnish to each county clerk at state expense for each precinct 2 voter information displays that contain in not less than 18-point type the following information:

(a) The hours that the polls will be open.

(b) Voting instructions.

(c) Information on an individual's right to obtain a provisional ballot and instructions on how to vote a provisional ballot.

(d) Information on the identification requirements that apply to voters who register by mail.

(e) Instructions on how to contact the appropriate election official about alleged voting rights violations.

(f) Information on the federal and state laws that prohibit fraud and misrepresentation.

(g) Information on how to challenge another voter as unqualified to vote.

(h) Other information that the secretary of state considers necessary.

(2) Upon receipt of the voter information displays under subsection (1), each county clerk shall provide to each city, township, or village clerk, as designated by the secretary of state, 2 voter information displays for each precinct in the county.

(3) The city, township, or village clerk shall provide to each precinct 2 voter information displays and an instruction ballot for display at each precinct.

(4) Before the polls open on election day, the board of election inspectors in each precinct shall post in conspicuous places in the polling place the voter information displays and instruction ballot required under this section.

(5) If requested by an elector, the city, township, or village clerk shall have available a means to provide the information contained in the voter information displays in an alternative format, as prescribed by the secretary of state.

History: Add. 2004, Act 96, Imd. Eff. May 7, 2004
Popular Name: Election Code

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