6105.0880 Interagency Recommendations

Published: 2015

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Subpart 1.

Federal and state relations.

As authorized under Minnesota Statutes 1974, section 161.142, subdivision 4 the commissioner of transportation "...may act as agent for any other department of state, public corporation, or political subdivision of the state in accepting federal aid in their behalf for the purposes expressed in subdivisions 1 to 7." This relates to the planning, acquisition, development, maintenance, and overall administration of the Great River Road. Accordingly, it is recommended that a portion of any federal funds made available to the state of Minnesota for expenditure on the Great River Road be accepted by the commissioner of transportation, on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources, for the purposes of land acquisition related to preservation of areas adjacent to the designated recreational river and the Great River Road.
It is further recommended that any proposed development, acquisition or related action concerning the Great River Road be conducted and administered in accordance with this management plan and the provisions of parts 6105.0010 to 6105.0250.
Since the Department of Natural Resources is responsible for administering the Mississippi as a scenic and recreational river, it is recommended that the state of Minnesota, through the appropriate application process, apply for those islands presently administered by the Bureau of Land Management to be transferred to the Department of Natural Resources under the authority granted the commissioner of natural resources in Minnesota Statutes 1974, section 104.35.
The Department of Natural Resources is presently working in cooperation with the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, U.S. Department of Interior, on their study of the Mississippi River from Itasca to Anoka for possible inclusion in the national wild and scenic rivers system. This study area includes that portion of the river from Saint Cloud to Anoka hereby designated as a state scenic and recreational river. If the entire federal study area is recommended for inclusion in the national wild and scenic rivers system it is recommended that the portion from Saint Cloud to Anoka continue to be administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

Subp. 2.

Other governmental units.

Other governmental units:


In order to further the purposes of the Minnesota Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, it is recommended that all Department of Transportation lands within the recreational river land use districts be administered in accordance with the provisions of parts 6105.0010 to 6105.0250 and this management plan. In particular, it is stated in part 6105.0100, subpart 3, item C that public accesses within the recreational river land use district will be subject to management plan specifications and will be considered as permitted uses. Also, part 6105.0200, subpart 7 states that highway waysides shall be designed in such a manner so as to harmonize with the surroundings.


No Department of Natural Resources corridor trails are proposed in this management plan for the Mississippi scenic or recreational river area. Local residents and landowners may desire specific recreational trails for their area. If so, it is recommended that such trails be developed through the Department of Natural Resources' trail assistance programs. Through the department's trail assistance programs, funds for local trail development and maintenance are made available to local units of government.


It is recommended that the Minnesota Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources, Governor's Trail Advisory Committee, counties, municipalities, and other agencies and groups, conduct a study to determine an appropriate route for a bicycle route paralleling the Mississippi River from the Twin Cities to Saint Cloud.


To help ensure that the outstanding heritage of the Mississippi River will be protected for future generations, it is recommended that the Minnesota Historical Society conduct an inventory of all historical and archaeological sites within the proposed scenic and recreational river land use districts, and recommend appropriate methods for preservation of those having outstanding historical significance.


It is recommended that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency be appropriated sufficient funds to conduct ongoing analysis and monitoring of water quality information, and to allow for appropriate measures to ensure that water quality regulations and standards be maintained for the Mississippi River.


It is recommended that Stearns County and the city of Saint Cloud work with local groups and the Department of Natural Resources to determine the best site for location of an access to the river below the Saint Cloud Dam.