1110 Emissions of Sulfur Compounds From Industrial Operations

Published: 2015

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Title 7 Natural Resources and Environmental Control

1100 Air Quality Management Section

1110 Emissions of Sulfur Compounds From Industrial Operations


1.0 Requirements for Existing Sources of Sulfur Dioxide

If in the course of field investigations the Department determines that the ambient air standards for sulfur dioxide are being exceeded, the Department shall determine the sources responsible for the excess levels of sulfur dioxide. The Department shall determine the reductions required to attain stated air quality standards on the basis of such equitable methods as the Department may establish. In the Department's deliberations on how the reductions will be attained, it shall make use of appropriate provisions in 2.0 of this regulation and shall also consider the relative contributions of different emission sources.


2.0 Requirements for New Sources of Sulfur Dioxide

2.1 The mass emission rate of sulfur dioxide from any individual source, for example, combustion operations or manufacturing processes, shall be determined by acceptable atmospheric dispersion equations in order to meet the air quality standards contained in 7 DE Admin. Code 1103.

2.2 Where multiple sources of sulfur dioxide may occur, either due to the building of multiple new sources, or the building of a single new source on the property adjacent to an existing source or sources, the Department will consider the additive effect due to the proximity of the source or sources to each other or to other existing sources in judging whether the ambient air quality standards may thus be exceeded. In such instances, the Department may require a discharge of less sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere for the new source than would be considered permissible if that were the only source in the immediate area.

2.3 Emissions of sulfur dioxide from watercraft and from sources where less than 3.0 pounds per hour of sulfur dioxide are discharged, are excluded from the provisions of this regulation.

2.4 Any operation whose emissions are also controlled by 7 DE Admin. Code 1109 shall be subject to the more restrictive of the two regulations.

12 DE Reg. 347 (09/01/08)