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The Fourth Class City Act (Excerpt) Act 215 Of 1895

Published: 2015

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Act 215 of 1895

82.1 Change of boundaries; procedure; order of determination, entry upon records; approval by electors of territory affected.

Sec. 1.

Whenever the council of any city shall determine by resolutions to alter the boundaries of such city, either by taking in lands and premises adjoining thereto, or by taking out any lands and premises included in such city, or both, they shall petition the board of supervisors of the county in which such lands and premises affected thereby are situated to make such change. Such petition shall contain a description by metes and bounds of the lands and premises proposed to be added to or taken out of such city and be accompanied by a map of said lands, and set forth the reasons for the proposed change, and shall contain a copy of the resolution of the council in relation thereto, and shall be certified to by the clerk under the official seal of such city. Before such petition shall be presented to the board of supervisors, notice shall be given by the city clerk of the time and place when the same will be presented for consideration, by publishing the same in 1 or more newspapers published in such city for at least 3 weeks immediately preceding the presentation of the same. Such notice shall also contain a description of the premises proposed to be taken in or out of the boundaries of such city. At the time of presenting such petition all parties interested may appear before such board of supervisors and be heard touching the proposed boundaries of such city, and after such hearing and due consideration of such petition, it shall be the duty of the board of supervisors to order and determine as to whether the prayer contained in the petition or any part thereof shall be granted, and they shall make an order of such determination, which order shall be entered upon their records, and thereupon, if a change of boundaries shall be ordered, then such boundaries of the city shall be fixed and shall exist as provided in such order, and a certified copy thereof shall be transmitted to the clerk of such city and to the secretary of state, and such order shall be prima facie evidence of such change of boundaries of such city and of the regularity of such proceedings in all courts and places: Provided, That the board of supervisors shall not change the boundaries of any city in such a manner as to affect the boundaries of a representative district at a time when changes in the boundaries of representative districts are prohibited: Provided further, That excepting totally uninhabited territory and state owned lands, the board of supervisors shall not so change the boundaries of any such city, until such change shall have been approved by a majority vote of the duly qualified electors of the territory proposed to be added to or taken out of such city, voting at a special election called for that purpose. Such election shall be called and conducted by the clerk of the city, village or township in which such territory lies, within 60 days after receiving notification from the board of supervisors. If such notification be given within 40 days of any general election, the special election shall be held at the same time as such general election. Any such special election shall be advertised and conducted in accordance with the election laws of this state.

History: 1895, Act 215, Eff. Aug. 30, 1895


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