RULE §175.4 Application Contents for Designation of Readjustment Zones

Published: 2015

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(a) For an area to be designated as a Readjustment
Zone, the nominating body, after nominating the area as a readjustment
zone, must send to the Office a written application for designation
of the area as a readjustment zone with the information specified
in the Act, §2310.105.
(b) Documentation. An application for readjustment
zone designation must contain the information and documentation specified
in the Act. In addition, each application for designation of a readjustment
zone or application to amend the boundaries of a designated readjustment
zone must be typed directly on the form provided by the Office and
must include all applicable attachments as specified in the application,
  (1) the name, physical address, mailing address, and
telephone number of the applicant governing body or bodies, their
designated representative and their liaison to communicate and negotiate
with the Office and the administrative authority and its representative,
if applicable;
  (2) information and documentation concerning the applicant.
If a joint application is being submitted by a municipality and county,
or a combination of municipalities and/or counties, the information
must be provided for each entity. The information concerning the applicant
must include:
    (A) a statement signed by the applicant certifying
that the contents of the application are true and correct to the best
information and belief of the applicant and that the applicant has
read the Act and this chapter and is familiar with the provisions
of the defense readjustment zone program;
    (B) a certified copy of the ordinance or order, as
appropriate, of the governing body of the applicant nominating the
area within its jurisdiction as a readjustment zone under the Act,
containing the information set forth in the Act, §2303.104, and
identifying by job title the liaison, liaisons, representative or
representatives in accordance with paragraph (1) of this subsection.
The ordinance or order must specify any incentives to be provided
by the municipality or county to business enterprises in the readjustment
zone. At least three incentives must be offered in the readjustment
zone which are not offered elsewhere throughout the jurisdiction.
At least one incentive must be financial in nature; and
    (C) if a joint application, a description and certified
copy of the agreements between joint applicants providing for the
joint administration of the readjustment zone.
  (3) information and documentation concerning administration
of the zone:
    (A) a brief description of how the zone will be managed,
including the unit or department within the municipality or county
responsible for oversight of readjustment zone activities and person
or persons responsible for readjustment zone administration within
the municipality or county;
    (B) the procedures for negotiating with residents,
community groups, and other entities affected by the readjustment
zone and qualified businesses within the readjustment zone;
    (C) a description of the administrative authority,
if any, including a list of members with representation as set forth
in the Act, §2310.202; and
    (D) a description of the functions and duties of the
administrator or administrative authority, if any, including decision-making
authority and the authority to negotiate with affected entities; and
  (4) information and documentation concerning the proposed
readjustment zone, including:
    (A) a map of the proposed readjustment zone location
which clearly shows readjustment zone boundaries, including existing
streets and highways, rail, and air facilities, and the area of the
readjustment zone that contains area of an enterprise zone designated
under Government Code, Chapter 2303;
    (B) certification of the geographic makeup of the proposed
readjustment zone including the total square miles in the proposed
defense readjustment zone, the total square miles of each applicant's
jurisdiction, and the percentage of the jurisdiction in the readjustment
    (C) a summary, in tabular form, of the data qualifying
the area for a readjustment zone and supporting data as required by
the Act and this chapter;
    (D) a statement setting forth the economic objectives,
the current business and labor conditions, and the marketing strategy
for the readjustment zone; and
    (E) an annualized seven-year estimate of the economic
impact of the readjustment zone that reflects at least the number
of jobs and capital investment expected as a result of the designation
of the readjustment zone, considering all of the tax incentives, financial
benefits, and programs contemplated, on the revenues of the municipality
or county. The estimate must be provided in tabular form and must
describe the basis and assumptions used.

Source Note: The provisions of this §175.4 adopted to be effective September 15, 1997, 22 TexReg 8961; amended to be effective August 5, 2012, 37 TexReg 5729