Section 34-13-53

Published: 2015

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Section 34-13-53

Section 34-13-53Renewal of licenses; authorization; attestation of identity; records.

(a) Every licensed funeral director, every licensed embalmer, and every licensed operator shall pay annually a fee for renewal of his or her license. The renewal fees shall be set by the board at a rate not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for licensed embalmers and funeral directors and five hundred dollars ($500) for licensed operators.

(b) All licenses granted under this chapter shall expire on October 1, following their issuance or renewal, and shall become invalid unless renewed as provided in this section and other requirements of the board are met. In addition to payment of a renewal fee, each licensee shall satisfy continuing education requirements prescribed by rule of the board pursuant to subsection (c). There shall be no proration of licenses.

(c)(1) Commencing in 2014, and for each licensing period thereafter, the board may require persons seeking renewal of an embalmer or funeral director license under this chapter to complete board approved continuing education of not less than eight hours biennially. The board may approve courses offered by institutions of higher learning, specialty societies, associations, or professional organizations or by other organizations the board deems appropriate.

(2) Any person who holds an inactive license or who is over the age of 65, with at least 10 years of experience in the funeral service industry, is exempt from the continuing education requirement.

(3) An embalmer who is also a licensed funeral director and who completes the continuing education requirements for funeral directors is not required to complete additional continuing education requirements.

(4) The board may promulgate rules to implement and ensure compliance with this section.

(d) The board shall publish on or before August 1 of each year, in printed form, electronic image, in an online publication, or on the website of the board that is accessible to each licensed funeral director, licensed embalmer, and licensed operator, notice that his or her renewal fee is due and payable and that, if such fee is not paid by October 1, the license shall lapse. Information regarding license renewal dates and fees shall be available in electronic format on the website of the board.

(e) At the time, or before, a licensee changes place of employment, residence address, or makes any other change in status which is of record at the board office, the licensee shall report such change of status, by a method prescribed by the board, to the executive secretary.

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