§264b. Lobbying firm listings; reports of expenditures, compensation, and gifts; lobbying

Link to law: http://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/02/011/00264b
Published: 2015

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264b. Lobbying firm listings; reports of expenditures, compensation, and gifts;

lobbying firms

(a) On forms

provided by the Secretary of State, every lobbying firm shall file a listing of

all lobbyists who are employed by, subcontracted by, members of, or affiliated

with the lobbying firm within 48 hours of any such lobbyists commencing

lobbying activities. The lobbying firm shall file an updated listing within 48

hours of any changes to the listing. Every lobbying firm shall pay an initial

listing fee of $150.00.

(b) Every

lobbying firm shall file a disclosure report on the same day as lobbyist

disclosure reports are due under subsection 264(a) of this title which shall


(1) A total of

all lobbying expenditures made by the lobbying firm in each of the following


(A) Advertising,

including television, radio, print, and electronic media.

(B) Expenses

incurred for telemarketing, polling, or similar activities if the activities

are intended, designed, or calculated, directly or indirectly, to influence

legislative or administrative action. The report shall specify the amount, the

person to whom the amount was paid, and a brief description of the activity.

(C) Contractual

agreements in excess of $100.00 per year or direct business relationships that

are in existence or were entered into within the previous 12 months between the

lobbying firm and:

(i) a legislator

or administrator;

(ii) a

legislator's or administrator's spouse; or

(iii) a

legislator's or administrator's dependent household member.

(D) The total

amount of any other lobbying expenditures.

(2) The total

amount of compensation paid to a lobbying firm for lobbying with the name and

address of each registered employer who engaged the services of the lobbying

firm reporting. It shall be sufficient to include a prorated amount based on

the value of the time devoted to lobbying where compensation is to be included

for a lobbying firm whose activities under this chapter are incidental to other

responsibilities to the employer.

(3) An itemized

list of every gift the value of which is greater than $15.00, made by or on

behalf of the lobbying firm to or at the request of one or more legislators or

administrative officials or a member of a legislator's or administrative

official's immediate family. With respect to each gift, the lobbying firm shall

report the date the gift was made, the nature of the gift, the value of the

gift, the identity of any legislators or administrative officials who requested

the gift, and the identity of any recipients of the gift. Monetary gifts, other

than political contributions, shall be prohibited.

(4) Repealed.]  (Added 2007, No. 5, § 4, eff. April 12, 2007;

amended 2013, No. 161 (Adj. Sess.), § 68; 2013, No. 191 (Adj. Sess.), § 11;

2015, No. 23, § 138; 2015, No. 49, § 4.)