§352. Defective acknowledgments

Link to law: http://legislature.maine.gov/legis/statutes/33/title33sec352.html
Published: 2015

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§352. Defective acknowledgments

A record of a deed or other instrument, including a power of attorney, made prior
to January 1, 2013 for the conveyance of real property, or of any interest in the property, and recorded
in the registry of deeds of the county in which the real property is located is valid
and enforceable even if: [2015, c. 157, §1 (AMD).]

1. Acknowledgment. 
The acknowledgment:

A. Was not completed; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

B. Was erroneously taken; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

C. Was taken by a person not having authority to take the acknowledgment or the authority
of the person taking the acknowledgment was not completely stated or was erroneously
stated; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

D. Does not reveal whether the authority taking the acknowledgment acted as a notary
public, a justice of the peace or other duly authorized authority for the taking of
the acknowledgment; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

E. Was not taken; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

F. Had not been signed by the authority taking the acknowledgment but the authority
had attached, affixed or stamped the deed or instrument with a seal of authority; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

G. Was taken by the grantor or grantee or by the husband or wife of the grantor or
grantee; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

H. Was taken by a magistrate who was a minor or an interested party or whose term of
office had expired at the time of the acknowledgment; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

I. Was taken by an officer authorized to take an acknowledgment but outside the territory
in which the officer was authorized to act; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

J. Was taken by a person who, at the time of the acknowledgment, had received an appointment,
election or permission authorizing that person to take the acknowledgment, but had
not qualified and who has since qualified to take an acknowledgment; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

K. Was authorized by the grantor who was acting as a duly authorized agent or officer
of a corporation or in a fiduciary or representative capacity for a corporation; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

L. Was taken in another state or country before a person authorized to take acknowledgments
and was made on the form of acknowledgment prescribed by the laws of the state or
country in which the deed or instrument was executed or the person taking the acknowledgment
failed to affix a proper certificate to the deed or instrument, showing that person's
authority to act as a magistrate; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

M. Was not signed by a magistrate of this State or any other state or territory of
the United States, or any foreign country, authorized to take an acknowledgment but
was complete in every other respect and was signed by an ambassador, minister, charge
d'affaires, consul, vice-consul, deputy consul, consul general, vice-consul general,
consular agent, vice-consular agent, commercial agent or vice-commercial agent of
the United States who was not qualified to take an acknowledgment, but has since become
qualified by law to do so; [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

N. Was signed by a magistrate authorized to take an acknowledgment but the magistrate's
official seal, the names of the grantors, the date and place of acknowledgment, the
words "personally appeared before me" or a statement that it was acknowledged as the
grantor's "free act and deed" had been omitted; or [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

O. Is in the form of an oath or states merely that the deed or instrument was subscribed
in the magistrate's presence, or is otherwise informal or incomplete, but was signed
by a magistrate authorized to take an acknowledgment; or [1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW).]

1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW)

2. Records relating to title to real property. 
The records in relating to the title to real property fail to disclose the date
when received for record or the records have not been signed by the register of deeds
or other duly authorized recording officer for the county.

1995, c. 304, §1 (NEW)


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