716 Maintenance of Local School District and Charter School Personnel Records

Published: 2015

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Title 14 Education

700 Finance and Personnel

700 Finance and Personnel

716 Maintenance of Local School District and Charter School Personnel Records

1.0 Definitions

“Delaware Public Archives (DPA)” means the division within the Department of State that is charged with administering, implementing and enforcing all provisions of the Delaware Public Records Law.

"Employee" shall in this case mean any person whose terms of employment are adequate to qualify the employee for the earning of credit toward pension.

"Termination" in this case does not refer only to retirement but to any reason for the employee to leave the district.

2.0 Records Retention

Records for all school district and charter school employees shall be kept up to date including:

2.1 Salary data records for each year of employment in the school district or charter school. (Total salary paid identified as fiscal or calendar year); and

2.2 Records that show sick leave days earned and used and the number of days available at any time; and

2.3 The record of vacation time for those employees whose terms of employment provide for earned vacation.

2.4 All forms and documents that become part of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System II (DPAS II) shall be retained in the individual's personnel file until there are at least five (5) complete summatives. The oldest complete set of evaluation forms and documents may be purged from the personnel file once the sixth set is complete.

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3.0 Records Retention

Each school district and charter school shall keep the records referred to in section 2.0 above for all employees’ inactive personnel files for at least fifty (50) years following termination of employment.

3.1 For the security of records and the protection of the personnel for whom the information is recorded, it is recommended that original records are to be maintained at the school district or charter school for three (3) years after termination of an employee and a successful audit of such records. Records shall be purged in accordance with the Delaware Public Archives School Districts General Records Retention Schedule and prepared for storage according to the “Delaware Public Archives Records Management Handbook Preparation of Records for Short-Term Storage”. Records shall remain in their original format and shall then be transferred to DPA and retained in storage for the balance of the fifty (50) required years. Local District and charter school records officers and authorized agents may request files from storage in accordance with DPA’s procedures for requesting files. At the end of the retention period, the documents will be destroyed in accordance with DPA's destruction procedures.

3.2 The style and form of the records shall be at the discretion of the local school districts or charter schools, except that records transferred to the Delaware Public Archives for storage shall be in a format acceptable to DPA. Individual local school districts and charter schools may elect to have their records recorded onto a different type of media at district expense, in accordance with DPA guidelines.

3.2.1 The information referred to above shall be maintained and available for any employee or former employee seeking information concerning their own employment records for a period of fifty (50) years after termination of employment. (It is recommended that for the convenience of employees and former employees that school districts and charter schools develop an alphabetically arranged file showing the name of each employee and the disposition of his or her records.)

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