Code of Laws - Title 10 - Chapter 3 - Governor's Mansion And Lace House Commission

Published: 2015

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Title 10 - Public Buildings and Property


Governor's Mansion and Lace House Commission

SECTION 10-3-10. Commission created; membership; terms.

There is hereby created the Governor's Mansion and Lace House Commission which shall consist of seven members, six of whom shall be appointed by the Governor. The seventh member shall be the wife of the Governor or his designee.

The terms of the members shall be for four years and until their successors are appointed and qualify, except of those first appointed three shall serve until July 1, 1971 and three shall serve until July 1, 1973. The term of the seventh member shall be coterminous with that of the Governor.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 1-405.5; 1970 (56) 1886.

SECTION 10-3-20. Officers; meetings; quorum; per diem and mileage.

The commission shall elect a chairman and such other officers as it deems necessary. It shall meet on the call of the chairman or upon the request of a majority of the members, and shall meet at least twice a year. A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for transacting business. The members shall serve without compensation, but shall be allowed the usual per diem and mileage as provided by law for members of boards, commissions and committees while on business of the commission.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 1-405.6; 1970 (56) 1886.

SECTION 10-3-30. Duties.

The commission shall be the custodian of the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House, including the nonexpendable property of both places, and it shall be the duty of the commission to:

(a) Approve all alterations, additions or renovations to the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House, together with the landscaped grounds surrounding them.

(b) Acquire by purchase, loan or gift furnishings and nonexpendable property for the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House.

(c) Promote the beautification of the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House and the landscaped lands surrounding them.

(d) Promote interest in the furnishing of the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House with articles of historical significance.

(e) Advise state officials and others on matters pertaining to the embellishment of the Governor's Mansion and the Lace House.

(f) Make an inventory to be submitted to the State Budget and Control Board as soon as practicable after being organized and each year thereafter of all nonexpendable property under its custody.

(g) Accept and disburse funds which must be utilized to purchase articles of historical, artistic, decorative, or intrinsic permanent value for use in the Governor's Mansion and other buildings owned by the State of South Carolina in the two blocks surrounded by Lincoln, Laurel, Gadsden, and Calhoun Streets in the City of Columbia. Because of the nature of the articles purchased, they are exempt from the bidding and purchasing procedures of the Division of General Services applicable to other state agencies if they are in the categories of articles described in this item. All receipts and disbursements must be made with the approval of the commission. The funds and purchases made with them and gifts made pursuant to this section are the property of the State of South Carolina.

(h) Do such other things as may be necessary to carry out the intent of this chapter.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 1-405.7; 1970 (56) 1886; 1978 Act No. 632, Part II, Section 5; 1980 Act No. 517, Part II, Section 8; 2005 Act No. 164, Section 7.

SECTION 10-3-40. Exclusion of portion of mansion from provisions of chapter.

Upon approval of the Governor, the commission may exclude any portion of the Governor's mansion from the provisions of this chapter.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 1-405.8; 1970 (56) 1886.

SECTION 10-3-50. Return of articles on loan.

In the event the commission is dissolved, all articles on loan to the commission shall be returned to their owners and any article on loan which may be removed at any time from the Governor's Mansion or the Lace House shall be returned to their owners.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 1-405.9; 1970 (56) 1886.

SECTION 10-3-60. Rent revenue from Governor's Mansion Complex used for operation of complex.

Revenues generated from the rentals of the facilities of the Governor's Mansion Complex may be retained and expended for the budgeted operation of the complex.

HISTORY: 1995 Act No. 145, Part II, Section 13.

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