§607-A. Review or reregistration

Link to law: http://legislature.maine.gov/legis/statutes/7/title7sec607-A.html
Published: 2015

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§607-A. Review or reregistration

1. Review required. 
The board shall review chemical pesticides used in this State in accordance with
the requirements of this section. The board shall select 2 pesticides for review each
year with priority given to pesticides that have patterns of use in this State that
differ from prevalent use patterns nationally or regionally. The board may select
additional pesticides for review as the board determines need and as resources allow.

2005, c. 620, §7 (AMD)

2. Review process. 
In cooperation with technical personnel of the Department of Environmental Protection;
the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; the Department of Health and Human
Services; the Department of Marine Resources; and the Department of Agriculture, Conservation
and Forestry, specifically the Maine Forest Service, the board shall conduct a review
consisting of the following or portions of the following as the board determines relevant:

A. An environmental risk assessment to determine the effects of pesticides on the ecosystem.
This assessment is to be based on available literature. The board shall request data
that it determines necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter; or [2005, c. 620, §7 (AMD).]

B. A health risk assessment, based on a literature search of laboratory, clinical and
epidemiological data available within and without the State. The board shall request
data it determines necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter. [2005, c. 620, §7 (AMD).]

[2005, c. 620, §7 (RP).]

2005, c. 620, §7 (AMD);
2011, c. 657, Pt. W, §5 (REV)

2-A. Water residue surveys. 
The board shall conduct a water residue survey at least once every 6 years to establish
a representative sample of a number of wells or bodies of water, selected at random,
in areas of possible contamination or at other locations to be described by the board,
for the purpose of testing these waters and preparing a profile of the kinds and amounts
of pesticides present.

2005, c. 620, §7 (NEW)

3. Effect of review on reregistration. 
If the reviews in this section demonstrate that the impact of the pesticide on the
ecosystem warrants additional health or environmental safeguards, the board shall
require implementation of those safeguards prior to reregistration. The board may
not refuse to renew a pesticides registration based solely on its inability to conduct
a review in accordance with this section.

2005, c. 620, §7 (AMD)


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