105:1-3-6. Inspecting or obtaining copies of records 

Link to law: http://www.oar.state.ok.us/viewhtml/105_1-3-6.htm
Published: 2015

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105:1-3-6. Inspecting or obtaining copies of records 

(a)    Any person wishing to inspect or obtain copies of any records may do so by completing a Request for Inspection/Copies of Records form which details the records and sets out the name, address and telephone number of the person(s) requesting copies of such records. The description of the record(s) requested for copying should be as specific as possible.
(b)    If more than twenty (20) copies are requested, the Board may arrange to mail the copies to the applicant within ten (10) days.
(c)    The Board may charge twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page for copies of records and may charge fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour for staff time spent in obtaining the records after staff time of more than one hour for the same record or group of related records has been necessary in order to retrieve such records for inspection or copying. The search fee charges and copying charges shall be posted on the bulletin board in the OCIB offices and shall be on file at the County Clerk's Office of the Oklahoma County Court House. Charges for particular materials or copies set by law shall be in accordance with statute. The search fee shall only be applicable to materials requested solely for commercial purposes or when clearly an excessive disruption of the essential function of the Board has or will occur, unless it is determined by the President in his discretion that the public interest is served to such an extent that no charge should be applicable.
(d)    Upon the receipt of a request for inspection or copy of any records held by the Board, the custodian of the records shall as soon as reasonably possible but not in any case later than five (5) days of receipt of the request notify the person requesting the record of one of the following:
(1)    That the request is granted and the estimated charge for the copying or any search fee. A deposit of fifty percent(50%)of the cost may be required if the estimated costs exceed one-hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) or the person or party requesting the copy(s) owes the Board in excess of that amount for copies and services already rendered, or
(2)    That the request is denied and the reasons for the denial. Such denial shall be on a form which provides statutory citation or other reasons for denial, or
(3)    That the request is granted but that due to circumstances specified in the notice the inspection of documents or the copy must be delayed. The reasons for the delay shall be specified in the notice sent by the custodian of the records. In the event a delay is necessary, the custodian of the records shall notify the person requesting the record as soon as the record or copy is available.
[Source: Added at 10 Ok Reg 219, eff 10-28-92 (emergency); Added at 10 Ok Reg 3551, eff 7-15-93]