4715.0750 Cement Mortar Joints

Published: 2015

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Except for repairs and connections of existing lines constructed with such joints, cement mortar joints are prohibited. Where permitted, cement mortar joints shall be made in the following manner: A layer of jute or hemp shall be inserted into the base of the annular joint space and packed tightly to prevent mortar from entering the interior of the pipe or fitting. Not more than 25 percent of the annular space shall be used for jute or hemp. The remaining space shall be filled in one continuous operation with a thoroughly mixed mortar composed of one part cement and two parts sand, with only sufficient water to make the mixture workable by hand. Additional mortar of the same composition shall then be applied to form a one to one slope with the barrel of the pipe. The bell or hub of the pipe shall be left exposed and when necessary the interior of the pipe shall be swabbed to remove any mortar or other material which may have found its way into such pipe.