Title 5 - State Employees

Link to law: https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/title_05.htm
Published: 2015

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*See Sec. 4-61hh et seq. re volunteers in state government.
Chapter 63 Secs. 5-1 to 5-93b
State Employment (Repealed)
Chapter 64 Secs. 5-94 to 5-141
Retirement (Repealed)
Chapter 64a Secs. 5-141a to 5-141e
State Employees’ Benefits and Protections
Chapter 65 Secs. 5-142 to 5-151
Disability Compensation and Death Benefits
Chapter 66 Secs. 5-152 to 5-192mm
State Employees Retirement Act
Chapter 66a Sec. 5-192nn
Newington Children’s Hospital, American School for the Deaf, Connecticut Institute for the Blind
Chapter 67 Secs. 5-193 to 5-269
State Personnel Act
Chapter 68 Secs. 5-270 to 5-280
Collective Bargaining for State Employees

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