Title 1 - Provisions of General Application

Link to law: https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/title_01.htm
Published: 2015

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*Cited. 43 CS 457.
Chapter 1 Secs. 1-1 to 1-3b
Construction of Statutes
Chapter 2 Secs. 1-4 to 1-6
Legal Holidays and Standard of Time
Chapter 3 Secs. 1-7 to 1-21l
Public Records: General Provisions
Chapter 4 Secs. 1-22 to 1-25
Chapter 5 Secs. 1-26 to 1-27
Chapter 6 Secs. 1-28 to 1-41
Uniform Acknowledgment Act
Chapter 7 Secs. 1-42 to 1-56
Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney
Chapter 7a Secs. 1-56a to 1-56g
Durable Power of Attorney Bank Accounts
Chapter 7b Secs. 1-56h to 1-56q
Springing Power of Attorney
Chapter 7c Sec. 1-56r
Designation of Person for Decision-Making and Certain Rights and Obligations
Chapter 8 Secs. 1-57 to 1-65z
Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act
Chapter 8b Secs. 1-65aa to 1-65hh
Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act
Chapter 9 Secs. 1-66 to 1-78
Code of Ethics (See Chapter 10)
Chapter 10 Secs. 1-79 to 1-101rr
Codes of Ethics
Chapter 11 Secs. 1-102 to 1-109
Unlawful Conduct with Respect to Legislative Action
Chapter 11a Secs. 1-110 to 1-119
Pension Revocation or Reduction for Public Officials and State or Municipal Employees
Chapter 12 Secs. 1-120 to 1-134
Quasi-Public Agencies
Chapter 13 Secs. 1-135 to 1-140
Connecticut Institute for Municipal Studies
Chapter 13a Secs. 1-141 to 1-199
Treatment of Federal Payments Under State or Local Programs
Chapter 14 Secs. 1-200 to 1-259
Freedom of Information Act
Chapter 15 Secs. 1-260 to 1-299
Connecticut Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
Chapter 15a Secs. 1-300 to 1-329
Office of Governmental Accountability
Chapter 15b Secs. 1-330 to 1-499
Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act
Chapter 15e Sec. 1-500
Miscellaneous Provisions

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