Missouri Code of State Regulations: Title 16

Link to law: http://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/csr/current/16csr/16csr.asp
Published: 2015

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In order to minimize download time, some of the larger chapters have been segmented into sections. The segmented chapters will have a "Next Section" button in the top and bottom right corners to navigate to the next section and a "Previous Section" button in the top and bottom left corners to navigate to the previous section.
The Code of State Regulations (CSR) is updated monthly. Pursuant to section 536.021.8, RSMo, "no rule...shall become effective prior to the thirtieth day after the date of publication of the revision to the Missouri code of state regulations." Therefore, some of the rules published in the current version of the CSR may not be effective. A rule's effective date is found in the authority section at the end of the rule. If a rule's effective date has not arrived yet, the previous edition of the rule would be the rule still in effect. Previous editions of these rules may be available in the archived editions.
division 10 - the public school retirement System of Missouri

Chapter   1 - Organization and Operation of Board of Trustees

Chapter   2 - Membership

Chapter   3 - Funds of Retirement System

Chapter   4 - Membership and Creditable Service

Chapter   5 - Retirement, Options and Benefits

Chapter   6 - The Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri

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division 20 - missouri local government Employees’ Retirement System (LAGERS)
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division 30 - missouri state employees’ Retirement System

Chapter   1 - General Organization

Chapter   2 - Administrative Rules

Chapter   3 - Missouri State Medical Care Plan

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division 40 - highways and transportation Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System
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division 50 - the county employees’ retirement Fund

Chapter   1 - Organization and Operation of Board of Directors

Chapter   2 - Membership and Benefits

Chapter   3 - Creditable Service

Chapter 10 - County Employees' Defined Contribution Plan

Chapter 20 - County Employees' Deferred Compensation Plan

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