Published: 1999-05-21

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5004.1 The first step in the award process is obtaining required approvals.

(a) To ensure that agencies have followed the competitive process specified above, OGMD will review each subgrant award that exceeds $10,000 before it can become final. To submit proposed subgrant awards to OGMD, the agency shall complete the Subgrant Competitive Review Form (SCRF) and attach the following documentation: (1) list of proposed awards by subgrant number, name of organization, name of project, and award amount; (2) copy of the NOFA from the D.C. Register, (3) copy of the RFA; (4) names of the review panelists and copies of their signed affidavits; (5) individual and aggregate scores and recommendations from the review process; and (6) justifications, if applicable, for awards not consistent with review panel’s scores. In instances of proposed awards not based on competitive solicitation, an agency shall submit only the SCRF, name of the proposed subgrantee, name of the project, award amount and justification for the absence of competition.

(b) OGMD shall review the submitted documents within two business days of submission. If the procedures have been followed and no other review is required, OGMD shall authorize the agency to issue the subgrant(s).

(c) If a proposed award to a private organization was not based on a competitive solicitation, OGMD will submit within two business days the proposed award to the City Administrator and Chief Financial Officer for review and approval. OGMD shall notify the agency of the final decision.

(d) In addition to the review for competitiveness by OGMD and, if required, by the City Administrator and Chief Financial Officer, any subgrant award involving expenditures in excess of $1 million during a 12-month period, including subsequent modifications to an award that singly or in aggregate with the award involves expenditures in excess of $1 million during a 12-month period, shall be reviewed and approved by the Council of the District of Columbia. After receiving notification of approval from OGMD, the subgrant officer shall submit the proposed subgrant award to the Council for review and approval.

5004.2 The agency shall prepare and issue the award documents to the subgrantee as follows:

(a) The award documents shall subject the subgrantee to the same conditions and guidelines that apply to the original grant. The documents shall include: a transmittal letter; subgrant award instrument; standard terms and conditions; any special conditions that may apply; and, forms for reporting programmatic and financial activities and to request funds.

(b) The subgrant award instrument shall contain, but not be limited to the following information: name, address, and telephone number of the granting agency; subgrant number assigned by the granting agency; beginning and ending dates of the subgrant award; name, address, and telephone number of the subgrantee; name, title, address and telephone number of the official contact person for the subgrantee; amount of the funds awarded and the amount of any resources, if any, that the subgrantee must contribute; signature lines for representatives from the agency and subgrantee; and incorporation of the application by reference.

(c) If the award amount and/or project period are different from those in the application or if the agency requires further clarification of proposed performance standards in the application, the applicant shall be required to submit and obtain approval of the requisite modifications. This may be accomplished either prior to the final award to the subgrantee or afterwards. If afterwards, the award shall contain a special condition that prohibits expenditure of funds by the subgrantee until submission and approval of the required modifications or clarification.

(d) The standard terms and conditions stated in the award document shall specify the administrative requirements to which the subgrantee must adhere. The terms and conditions shall contain, but not be limited to, the following items:

(1) Citations of the statute and implementing regulations that authorize the grant;

(2) All applicable federal and District regulations, such as OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, A-121 and A-133;

(3) Payment provisions identifying how the subgrantee will be paid for performing under the subgrant;

(4) Reporting requirements, including programmatic, financial and any special reports required by the granting agency; and

(5) Compliance issues and conditions that must be met by the subgrantee.

5004.3 Before the agency issues the award documents to successful applicants, it shall notify in writing each applicant whose application was not selected for award. This notification shall include copies of the reviewers’ evaluation and comments.

5004.4 The agency shall establish the official records of awarded subgrants. The agency shall incorporate into the grant files and retain the records of all awarded applications and subsequent reports for the period required by federal and District guidelines for grant records. The active retention period is normally three years from the date when the final programmatic and financial reports are submitted to the federal grantor or, if an audit is conducted within that three-year period, the date when the audit report is officially closed. After the active retention period, District regulations require archival retention for an additional four years.

5004.5 Agencies shall maintain records of unsuccessful applications for one year from the date that the RFA closed.

SOURCE: Final Rulemaking published at 46 DCR 4517, 4521-23 (May 21, 1999).