Published: 1986-11-21

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818.1 Local travel for the purposes of this section is defined as that which the traveler incurs as mileage through the use of a privately-owned automobile within a fifty (50) mile radius of the District of Columbia.

818.2 The mileage allowance for duly authorized use of privately-owned conveyances shall be at the rate of twenty-one cents (21¢) per mile, but not to exceed seventy-five dollars ($75) a month for each automobile and twelve cents (12¢) per mile but not to exceed forty dollars ($40) a month for each motorcycle.

818.3 Local bus, metrorail, taxi, and parking expenses duly authorized in conducting official District of Columbia Government business shall be reimbursed at the actual rate of fare or fee, including tip. Requests for reimbursement in this category which exceed ten dollars ($10) shall be accompanied by receipts. Requests for reimbursement of parking fees shall always be accompanied by receipts regardless of the amount.

818.4 Meals shall not be reimbursed for local travel or to attend a conference or seminar or for official training within the prescribed radius.

818.5 All requests for the reimbursement of local mileage expenses shall be approved by the authorized official.

818.6 The “Authorization - Inner City Travel” - OBFM-AL shall be properly prepared, approved, and submitted at least ten (10) days prior to incurrence of any local travel expenses.

818.7 Payment of local travel expenses shall be processed on a Travel and Related Expenses Voucher (FMS 432).

818.8 On the reverse side of the form specified in § 818.7, each employee shall indicate the date, origin, destination, addresses, and starting and ending odometer readings for each trip taken.

818.9 The FMS 432 shall be submitted to the agency director or his or her designee no later than fifteen (15) days after the close of the month for which travel expenses were incurred.

SOURCE: Final Rulemaking published at 32 DCR 1337, 1345-46 (March 8, 1985), as amended by Final Rulemaking published at 33 DCR 7296, 7299 (November 21, 1986).