Published: 1986-11-21

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814.1 Inter-city travel via airplane, bus, or train shall be obtained by the use of a Transportation Request (U.S Government Transportation Request Form 1169) (TR), as prescribed by the D.C. Controller.

814.2 A request for a TR shall be made to the agency on an approved Request and Authorization for Official Travel (FMS 431).

814.3 The Request and Authorization for Official Travel form (FMS 431) shall be completed in its entirety and shall be submitted to the authorized official no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the date the TR is needed. Only economy or coach class requests shall be honored.

814.4 In order to obtain a TR, the FMS 431 shall indicate the following:

(a) Origin and destination of travel;

(b) Dates of departure and return;

(c) Date TR is needed; and

(d) Common carrier name.

814.5 Since the traveler’s signature is required on the accounting document, the agency shall only issue a TR to the traveler or his or her designee.

814.6 In the event that someone other than the traveler shall secure the TR, a statement shall be issued by the traveler authorizing the designee to sign for and receive the TR. Proper identification may be required from the designee.

814.7 It shall be the responsibility of the traveler to properly safeguard the TR received until presented to the common carrier.

814.8 The traveler shall be responsible for any lost, stolen, misplaced, or altered TR, including the cost thereof.

814.9 The use of a TR shall be accounted for on the Travel and Related Expense Voucher (FMS 432). Reimbursement for travel covered by TR shall not be claimed by the traveler.

814.10 In the event of cancellation, indefinite postponement of authorized travel, or in the event that the traveler has already secured travel by other means, the traveler shall return the unused TR to the authorized official within three (3) working days from the date of cancellation, postponement, or the securing of other travel arrangements.

814.11 When common carrier ticket has been issued on the basis of a TR and the travel is subsequently cancelled or indefinitely postponed, or transportation is secured by other means and no portion of the ticket has been used, the traveler shall return the ticket to the authorized official within three (3) working days after the date of cancellation, postponement, or securing of travel by other means.

814.12 Any unused tickets not submitted to the agency director or his or her designee for refund shall be the responsibility of the traveler, including the cost thereof. That cost shall be recovered in the same manner as advances.

SOURCE: Final Rulemaking published at 32 DCR 1337, 1343-45 (March 8, 1985), as amended by Final Rulemaking published at 33 DCR 7296, 7298 (November 21, 1986).