General Provisions - Holidays - When day following holiday shall be a holiday

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1-03-01. Holidays. Holidays are as follows: 1. Every Sunday. 2. The first day of January, which is New Year's Day. 3. The third Monday of January, which is Martin Luther King Day, in recognition of the life,

legacy, and dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. 4. The third Monday in February, in recognition of the birthday of George Washington. 5. The Friday next preceding Easter Sunday and commonly known as Good Friday. 6. The last Monday in May, which is Memorial Day. 7. The fourth day of July, which is the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 8. The first Monday in September, which is Labor Day. 9. The eleventh day of November, which is Veterans' Day.

10. The fourth Thursday in November, which is Thanksgiving Day. 11. The twenty-fifth day of December, which is Christmas Day. 12. Every day appointed by the President of the United States or by the governor of this

state for a public holiday. Nothing in this section may be construed to prevent the holding of legislative sessions or the taking of final action on any legislative matter upon any of such holidays other than Sunday. Any action heretofore taken upon any legislative matter upon any such holiday is valid and legal for all purposes.

1-03-01.1. Closing of state offices - Christmas Eve. State offices must be closed at twelve noon on December twenty-fourth, Christmas Eve day,

unless it is a weekend or holiday pursuant to section 1-03-02.1.

1-03-02. When day following holiday shall be a holiday. If the first day of January, the fourth day of July, the eleventh day of November, or the

twenty-fifth day of December falls upon a Sunday, the Monday following shall be the holiday.

1-03-02.1. When holiday falls on a Saturday. If any of the holidays enumerated in section 1-03-02 fall on a Saturday, the Friday

immediately before shall be the holiday.

1-03-03. Sports on Memorial Day - Penalty. No person, prior to the hour of two p.m. of the day set apart as Memorial Day, may engage

in organized or commercial ball games, horseracing, sports, or any entertainment which will interfere with the proper observance of such day. Any violation of this section is an infraction.

1-03-04. Business days. All days other than those mentioned in sections 1-03-01, 1-03-02, and 1-03-02.1 are to be

deemed business days for all purposes. However, any bank may remain closed on any one business day of each week, as it may from time to time elect. Any day upon which a bank is so closed shall be, with respect to such bank, a holiday and not a business day. Any act authorized, required, or permitted to be performed at or by or with respect to such bank on such day, may be performed on the next succeeding business day, and no liability or loss of rights shall result from such delay.

Notice of intention on the part of any bank to remain closed on a business day of the week shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the lobby of the bank at least ten days prior to the establishment of such practice and similar notice shall be given when a bank elects to change the day of the week on which it remains closed. Any state bank establishing the practice, as hereinbefore provided, of closing one day a week shall give ten days' notice in writing to the commissioner of financial institutions, in addition to posting the notice in the lobby. However, any

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bank may elect to remain closed on a business day of the week without any prior notice in the event of the following emergencies: any act of God, death of an officer, or a robbery.

1-03-05. Act due on Saturday or holiday performed on next day. Whenever an act of a secular nature, other than a work of necessity or mercy, is appointed

by law or contract to be performed upon a particular day, that falls upon a Saturday or a holiday, the act may be performed upon the next business day with the same effect as if it had been performed upon the day appointed.

1-03-06. Mothers' Day. The governor each year shall designate the second Sunday in May as Mothers' Day. The

governor shall issue a proclamation requesting the people of the state to assemble on that Sunday in their churches, or at such other place or places as may be most convenient and proper, for the purpose of paying respect and tribute to our mothers.

1-03-07. Arbor Day. In order to promote and encourage the planting of trees in this state, the first Friday in May

of each year is hereby designated and established as "Arbor Day" for the state of North Dakota.

1-03-08. Bird Day. To promote and encourage the conservation and enjoyment of one of nature's most

attractive features, and to honor the birth and work of naturalist John James Audubon who made America's birds known to the world through his drawings and vivid prose, April twenty-sixth of each year is hereby designated as "Bird Day" in the state of North Dakota.

1-03-09. Martin Luther King Day. Repealed by S.L. 1991, ch. 55, § 2.

1-03-10. Workers' Memorial Day. The twenty-eighth day of April of each year is designated as Workers' Memorial Day in

remembrance of American workers who have been killed, injured, or diseased on the job.

1-03-11. Gold Star Mothers' Day. Each year the governor shall issue a proclamation designating the last Sunday of

September as Gold Star Mothers' Day in honor of mothers whose sons or daughters served and died in the line of duty in the armed forces of the United States of America or its allies, or died as a result of injury sustained in such service.

1-03-12. Four Chaplains Sunday. Each year the governor shall issue a proclamation designating the first Sunday of February

as Four Chaplains Sunday in honor of the four United States army chaplains, George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode, Clark V. Poling, and John P. Washington, who sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of other servicemen on the Dorchester, a United States army troop transport ship that was sunk off the coast of Greenland on February 3, 1943.

1-03-13. First Nations Day. To recognize the indigenous peoples of the State of North Dakota and their contributions to

the state and to the United States, the governor shall issue a proclamation each year designating the Friday before the second Monday in October as First Nations Day.

1-03-14. Vietnam Veterans' Day. March twenty-ninth of each year is Vietnam Veterans' Day. Each year the governor shall

issue a proclamation on March twenty-ninth in honor and remembrance of surviving and departed Vietnam veterans, including the one hundred ninety-eight individuals from North

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Dakota whose names are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, District of Columbia, and those veterans who are or were missing in action or prisoners of war.

1-03-15. Women Veterans' Month. March of each year is Women Veterans' Month. Each year the governor shall issue a

proclamation on March first in honor and remembrance of surviving and departed women veterans who have served honorably and with courage on behalf of the United States of America since the American Revolutionary War.

1-03-16. Firefighters memorial weekend. Each year the governor shall issue a proclamation designating the dates of the national

fallen firefighters memorial weekend as the North Dakota fallen firefighters memorial weekend and require that flags at state buildings be flown at half staff.

1-03-17. Patriots' Day. The third Monday in April of each year is Patriots' Day. To commemorate the start of the

American Revolutionary War and the battles of Lexington and Concord, the governor shall issue a proclamation each year designating the third Monday in April as Patriots' Day. This section may not be interpreted to make Patriots' Day a day on which schools and other entities are required to close.

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