AGRICULTURE - Board; proposed legislation.

Published: 1994

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The board may consider and recommend to the Legislature appropriate legislation, including, but not limited to, legislation concerning the following:

(1) Fees to fund all direct and indirect costs of the administration and enforcement of the legislation;

(2) Standards applicable to products of cultured aquatic stock offered for sale;

(3) The establishment of standards for and certification of private aquaculture facilities which may include, but need not be limited to, standards for commercial aquaculturists with respect to sanitation, financial stability, disease control, and the movement of aquaculture products offered for sale;

(4) Procedures regarding granting, denying, suspending, or revoking an aquaculture facility permit and appeals processes relating thereto;

(5) Procedures and responsibilities for quarantine of aquaculture facilities upon the determination that a situation exists which threatens imminent danger to existing wild aquatic populations or to human health and safety and that no more reasonable means exist to control the situation including, but not limited to, controlling unwanted aquatic species and procedures for controlling aquatic infectious diseases that may affect wild aquatic or cultured aquatic stock;

(6) Procedures for contracting services of any specialist in this state or in any other state or with any other government agency, through intergovernmental agreement, contract, or memorandum of understanding, to implement and enforce the legislation;

(7) Penalties for violations of the aquaculture plan developed by the board;

(8) The evaluation and consideration of which terms of the aquaculture industry need further definition as well as an evaluation of the impact of such legislation;

(9) Barriers to entry in the business of aquaculture and ways to reduce or eliminate such barriers which may include an evaluation of tax exemptions and education; and

(10) The interrelationship between the department in promotion of and the commission in the regulation of cultured aquatic stock.


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  • Laws 1994, LB 1165, § 3.