AGRICULTURE - Department; powers.

Published: 1991

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It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the State of Nebraska to protect and foster the health, prosperity, and general welfare of its people by protecting and stabilizing the poultry and egg industry and the economy of the areas producing poultry and eggs. The department shall be the agency of the State of Nebraska for such purpose. In connection with and in furtherance of such policy and purpose, such department, only upon the approval of a majority of the committee, may:

(1) Formulate the general policies and programs of the State of Nebraska respecting the discovery, promotion, and development of markets and industries for the utilization of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof;

(2) Adopt and devise a program of education and publicity;

(3) Cooperate with local, state, regional, or national organizations, whether public or private, in carrying out the purposes of the Nebraska Poultry and Egg Resources Act and to enter into such agreements as may be necessary;

(4) Adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as are necessary to promptly and effectively enforce the act;

(5) Conduct, in addition, any other program that would enhance the image of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof. Such programs may include, but not be limited to, consumer education, research, information, advertising, promotion, and market development of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof;

(6) Make refunds for overpayment of fees according to rules and regulations adopted by the department;

(7) Appoint the head of the Division of Poultry and Egg Development, Utilization, and Marketing and assistants as may be necessary to carry out the intent and purposes of the act;

(8) Develop a biennial budget with fiscal year estimates of requirements to conduct the affairs of the division;

(9) Establish annually the fees to be collected; and

(10) Establish an administrative office, suitable for the furtherance of the intent and purposes of the act, with Nebraska Poultry Industries, Inc.


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