AGRICULTURE - Label; contents; requirements.

Published: 2019

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(1) Each pesticide distributed in this state shall bear a label containing the following information relating to the pesticide:

(a) The name, brand, or trademark under which the pesticide is distributed;

(b) The name and percentage of each active ingredient and the total percentage of inert ingredients;

(c) Directions for use that are necessary for effecting the purpose for which the product is intended and, if complied with, are adequate for the protection of health and the environment;

(d) The federal agency's designated registration and establishment numbers for the pesticide;

(e) The name and address of the manufacturer, registrant, or person for whom the pesticide was manufactured;

(f) Numbers or other symbols to identify the lot or batch of the manufacturer of the contents of the package; and

(g) A clear display of appropriate dangers, warnings, symbols, and cautionary statements commensurate with the toxicity or use classification of the pesticide.

(2) The labeling of each pesticide distributed in this state shall state the use classification for which the product is registered.

(3) The label bearing the ingredient statement under subdivision (1)(b) of this section shall be on or attached to that part of the immediate container that is presented or displayed under customary conditions of purchase and, if the ingredient statement cannot be clearly read without removing the outer wrapping, on any outer container or wrapper of a retail package.

(4) Any word, statement, or information required by the Pesticide Act to appear on a label or in labeling of a pesticide or device shall be prominently and conspicuously placed so that, if compared with other material on the label or in the labeling, it is likely to be understood by the ordinary individual under customary condition of use.