AGRICULTURE - Terms, defined.

Published: 2012

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For purposes of the Nebraska Wheat Resources Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Board means the Nebraska Wheat Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board;

(2) Commercial channels means the sale of wheat for any use when sold to any commercial buyer, dealer, processor, cooperative, or any person, public or private, who resells any wheat or product produced from wheat;

(3) First purchaser means any person, public or private corporation, association, partnership, or limited liability company buying, accepting for shipment, or otherwise acquiring the property in or to wheat from a grower and includes a mortgagee, pledgee, lienor, or other person, public or private, having a claim against the grower when the actual or constructive possession of such wheat is taken as part payment or in satisfaction of such mortgage, pledge, lien, or claim;

(4) Grower means any landowner personally engaged in growing wheat, a tenant of the landowner personally engaged in growing wheat, and both the owner and the tenant jointly and includes a person, partnership, limited liability company, association, corporation, cooperative, trust, sharecropper, and other business units, devices, and arrangements;

(5) Net market price means the sales price, or other value, per volumetric unit received by a producer for wheat after adjustment for any premium or discount;

(6) Net market value means the value found by multiplying the net market price by the appropriate quantity of the volumetric units or the minimum value in a production contract received by a producer for wheat after adjustments for any premium or discount. For wheat pledged as collateral for a loan issued under any Commodity Credit Corporation price support loan program, net market value means the principal amount of the loan; and

(7) Sale includes any pledge or mortgage of wheat after harvest to any person, public or private.


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