AGRICULTURE - Plant pests; department; powers.

Published: 1988

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(1) Whenever the department finds that there exists, in any other state, territory, country, or part thereof, any plant pests detrimental to the agricultural interests of the state and that the control, eradication, retarding, or prevention of such pests is necessary to protect the plant industry of the state, the department may impose and enforce a quarantine prohibiting the transportation into, within, or through Nebraska of such pests. Quarantine enforcement shall apply to any plants or any other property capable of carrying such plant pests regardless of whether the plants are distributed by a person holding a valid license or its equivalent issued by an authorizing agency within the state of origin recognized by the department. Nursery stock and all other plants shall be subject to any quarantine measures deemed necessary by the department.

(2) When it has been determined that an area of the state is infected or infested with plant pests which may be detrimental to the agricultural interests of the state, such area may be quarantined by the department. Under such quarantine the department may restrict or prevent the movement or transportation of any plants or any other property capable of carrying such plant pests originating in or having been maintained in any area infested or infected with such plant pests. Public notice of any quarantine shall be given by the department by publication in one or more newspapers in circulation within the area of the state affected by such order.

(3) Any plants or other property moved or transported in violation of a quarantine imposed pursuant to this section may be seized, treated, destroyed, or returned to the state of origin without compensation by the department.


  • Laws 1988, LB 874, ยง 37.