Title 78B - Judicial Code - Chapter 10a - Tort Arbitration - Section 102 - General provisions -- Filing -- Notice -- Limits.

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Utah Code

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78B-10a-102 General provisions -- Filing -- Notice -- Limits. (1) Except for bodily injury cases involving a motor vehicle as described in Sections 31A-22-303,

31A-22-305, and 31A-22-305.3, medical malpractice cases as described in Section 78B-3-401, and governmental claims described in Section 63G-7-401, any party to an action for personal injury or property damage as a result of tortious conduct may elect to submit all bodily injury claims and property damage claims to arbitration by filing a notice of the submission of the claim to binding arbitration in a district court if:

(a) the claimant or the claimant's representative has: (i) previously and timely filed a complaint in a district court that includes a claim for bodily injury

or property damage, or both; and (ii) filed a notice to submit the claim to arbitration within 14 days after the complaint is

answered; and (b) the notice required under Subsection (1)(a)(ii) is filed while the action under Subsection (1)(a)

(i) is still pending. (2) All parties shall respond within 30 days to the notice either agreeing or refusing to agree to

arbitration. If a party does not respond, it is considered a refusal. (a) If all parties agree to arbitration, the arbitration shall proceed in accordance with this chapter. (b) If the parties do not agree to arbitration, the action shall proceed to trial. The request for

arbitration may not be revealed during a trial or while a damage award is being deliberated. (3) If the parties agree to submit a bodily injury or property damage claim to arbitration under

Subsection (1), the party initially requesting arbitration or the party's representative is limited to an arbitration award not to exceed $50,000.

Enacted by Chapter 197, 2011 General Session