State Board of Education | 10-65-1 to 10-65-8 - Operating Vocational Agriculture Programs—Procedure

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Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies TITLE 10. Education and Culture

Agency State Board of Education

Subject Operating Vocational Agriculture Programs—Procedure

Inclusive Sections §§ 10-65-1—10-65-8


Sec. 10-65-1. Budget Sec. 10-65-2. Use of facilities and equipment Sec. 10-65-3. Out-of-school youth and adults Sec. 10-65-4. Staffing Sec. 10-65-5. Informing students Sec. 10-65-6. Admission and retention Sec. 10-65-7. Occupational experience Sec. 10-65-8. Future farmers of America

Revised: 2015-3-6 R.C.S.A. §§ 10-65-1—10-65-8 - I -

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies TITLE 10. Education and Culture

State Board of Education §10-65-5

Operating Vocational Agriculture Programs—Procedure

Sec. 10-65-1. Budget (a) Budgets for the operation of regional vocational agriculture center shall be submitted

to the State Department of Education, annually prior to implementation of such budget. When a greater than 5% budget change is indicated, notification of deviations and/or modifications of the budget shall be forwarded to the State Department of Education.

(b) Travel to out-of-state activities shall be approved by the State Department of Education prior to attendance at those activities. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-2. Use of facilities and equipment The facilities and equipment funded by the State of Connecticut shall be used for

vocational agriculture education. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-3. Out-of-school youth and adults Provisions shall be made for the upgrading and retraining of out-of-school youth and

adults who are established or about to become established in agriculture or related occupations. On-the-job supervision shall be an integral part of the adult instructional program. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-4. Staffing (a) The program should maintain a total staff to student ratio of one certified staff

member for not more than 35 full-time students (or equivalent of part-time students). This does not establish an individual class size, except that laboratory situations should not exceed a 15/1 student-teacher ratio in order to ensure a safe educational experience.

(b) Supportive staff such as clerical, custodial, and teacher substitute shall be provided to ensure that the professional staff will be free to carry on the purposes of the program and to ensure desirable standards of health and safety.

(c) A certified staff member shall be designated as administrator at each regional vocational agriculture center (department chairperson, head teacher, director, or other appropriate title). (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-5. Informing students The operating board of education in cooperation with the vocational agriculture staff shall

maintain an information program whereby all students of sending schools are informed of the availability of the vocational agriculture program. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Revised: 2015-3-6 R.C.S.A. §§ 10-65-1—10-65-8 - 1 -

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies TITLE 10. Education and Culture

§10-65-6 State Board of Education

Sec. 10-65-6. Admission and retention Admission and retention policies for vocational agriculture programs at the secondary

school level. (a) Applicants shall have successfully completed at least the eighth grade for ninth grade

admission. (Students may apply for transfer into the program beyond ninth grade. Admittance shall be determined on an individual basis.)

(b) Applicants shall indicate an interest in agriculture as a career and shall agree to participate in a supervised, occupational experience program.

(c) The vocational agriculture staff shall have the responsibility to recommend students for acceptance into the vocational agriculture program.

(d) Any student denied admission to a program of vocational agriculture or who is about to be dismissed from such a program shall be given an opportunity to request an informal review of his/her case before a Review Committee at a Regional Vocational Agriculture Center.

The Review Committee shall be composed of at least, but not limited to the following representation: a member of the vocational agriculture staff, an administrator from the school where the vocational agriculture program operates, a member of the operating board of education or their administrative representative, a member of the sending board of education or their administrative representative and a member of the regional vocational agriculture consulting committee. Such student may make a request in writing, to the proper vocational agriculture center, addressed to the administrator responsible for such center, for a review of his or her case.

Any such request shall be made within 15 days of such action. The said committee shall conduct such review within 20 days of receipt of such request. The committee through the operating board of education shall within 10 days of such review, notify, in writing, the student, and the sending board of education of its decision. This decision shall be final and binding upon all parties. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-7. Occupational experience (a) Vocational agriculture students at all grade levels shall have a planned, supervised,

occupational-experience program in agriculture which relates to the student’s goals and abilities. The program shall be in addition to regularly scheduled class activities.

(b) Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade vocational agriculture classes shall be scheduled no less than 320 minutes per week. Time must be blocked to allow for laboratory, shop, and field work. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Sec. 10-65-8. Future farmers of America The Future Farmers of America Program is an integral part of the vocational agriculture

R.C.S.A. §§ 10-65-1—10-65-8 Revised: 2015-3-6 - 2 -

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies TITLE 10. Education and Culture

State Board of Education §10-65-8

program and all vocational agriculture teachers shall be involved. (Effective August 21, 1978)

Revised: 2015-3-6 R.C.S.A. §§ 10-65-1—10-65-8 - 3 -