Government Operations - Facilities Construction and Management - Naming of State Buildings

Published: 2021-07-02

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R23. Government Operations, Facilities Construction and Management.
R23-10. Naming of State Buildings.
R23-10-1. Purpose.
This rule defines which entities have the authority to name state buildings.
R23-10-2. Authority.
This rule is authorized under Subsection 63A-5-103(2), which directs the Building Board to make rules necessary for the discharge of the duties of the Division of Facilities Construction and Management (hereinafter referred to as the Division).
R23-10-3. Policy.
It is the policy of the Utah State Building Board that the governmental entity that holds legal title to a given facility has the authority to determine an appropriate name for that facility, if the facility is of a significant size or function and the entity deems the naming of the facility to be appropriate. Specifically, the Building Board will have responsibility for naming those buildings for which title is held by the Division or the State Building Ownership Authority. The State Board of Regents will govern the naming of buildings in the Utah System of Higher Education.
R23-10-4. Naming of Buildings Under the Authority of the Building Board.
Buildings for which the Building Board has responsibility for naming as provided for in Section R23-10-3 shall be addressed as follows.
(1) Descriptive names, such as those identifying functions housed in the building or names based on geographic location, may be determined by the entity occupying the building. For buildings that house more than one agency, the Division shall be responsible for determining the building's name. Any concerns with names under this subsection (1) shall be raised with the Building Board for final resolution.
(2) Honorary names must be approved by the Building Board. Prior to consideration by the Building Board, information shall be provided demonstrating the appropriateness of the naming request. This may include information about the individual to be honored, the desires of the individual's family, and the basis for honoring the individual by naming the specific building.
R23-10-5. Legislative Actions to Name a Building.
Any legislative action to name a building supersedes the provisions of this rule.
KEY: buildings, naming process
Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: February 4, 2003
Notice of Continuation: September 7, 2017
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 63A-5-103 et seq.